Aberdeen has annexed land so builders can add another 400 homes!

Well, Aberdeen residents, the City is planning to add 400 more homes in an area that will not be able to handle the extra traffic, the county probably will have to build more schools and your property taxes will go up.


This should have been brought up as a referendum to the voters of Aberdeen.

The taxes in this area are already high for Maryland standards, and I can guarantee you as a former resident of New Jersey is that your property taxes will continue to rise because our Town Council is not really looking at the total picture. And, of course, there is a builder involved somewhere, as there always is in cases like this.

The extra infrastructure, including the widening of Gilbert Road to four lanes, that this annexation will cost the taxpayers of Aberdeen will haunt us for years to come. Also, there will be eventual flooding to the area because you are taking more land away to handle the additional water and adding more impervious surfaces. The City will have to put another traffic light at the corner of Long Drive and Gilbert Road to handle the additional traffic the development will cause.

It is too late for Aberdeen taxpayers and voters to get on the phone to your present-day Town Council and let them know how you feel. They were not afraid of you. What happened to representing the people?

The only way we can stop this from progressing is to start a petition and get 20% of the voters to force a referendum!

"They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."