I am against the Abingdon Business Park (ABP). The warehouse/retail project is wrong on so many levels.

This is a 300-acre property stretching from I-95 to Route 7 and Route 24 to Abingdon Road. In 1982, the land was designated Commercial Industrial, a very dense multi-use zoning.


However, 1982 zoning is not appropriate for 2019. The surrounding area has changed significantly in 37 years.

Since the 1980s, the area surrounding this property has become homes.

Many developments directly border the proposed business park and will be harmed by heavy truck traffic, flooding from giant impervious surfaces, noise, intrusive lighting and pollution. Property values will suffer. All of us who travel on Routes 24, 924, 7, I-95 and Abingdon Road will also experience more of a traffic nightmare.

Historic St. Francis Catholic Church borders this property. It has grown and expanded since the 1980s, and offers educational programs. Old Post Road/William Paca schools also border the project. The students from these schools will be impacted.

Our County Executive and County Council (except for Councilman Andre Johnson) are in favor of Abingdon Business Park. In fact, they incorrectly think it is a money-maker for the county. Mr. Johnson is the only councilman who voted against expanding the enterprise zone to include ABP. This expansion offers the project a tax incentive.

We know there are many vacant warehouses and retail spaces in Harford County and we should not add to this inventory. No need to spend tax money this way.

We cannot destroy this wetland, Ha Ha Branch and forested areas to build rooftops and blacktop that we do not need. I’d like Harford County officials to care about the folks who live in this area like Councilman Andre Johnson does.