Letter: Former state delegate mourns loss of mother

Many of you know that my wonderful Mom Janet passed away recently and is now with God. Mom was amazing and always had my back. She loved reading The Aegis and writing letters to the Editor. Thank you all for your kind words, support, and for the love you had for Mom. I want to share this heavenly email I wrote to Mom after she passed, which I read at her funeral:

Dear Mom,


Today is Saturday, a week after you passed away and went up above with Jesus. Everyone is doing as best as we can trying to get over you not being here with us. But we know that no matter where we are you and your memories are in our hearts. Your family and friends are here now gathered together, celebrating your life. You really lived life, Mom — staying busy, enjoying every minute, showing us all how to live.

Ronnie is doing OK I guess but he misses you like crazy; even with Sparky around he is very sad.

Ronnie has been driving his new truck around and looking at it a lot. Ronnie, Sparky and your cat Tiger Lilley will be taken care of, no worries. Bobby, David, Torraine, and I are making it but it’s hard on all of us, you leaving.

Thank you for being an amazing mom looking out for all of your kids and always putting our needs first. You always believed in us and supported our goals and dreams. You were so proud to be a State Delegate’s Mom and I was proud to be your son. I remember you spending hours campaigning for me; going waving, writing Letters to the Editor to The Aegis, calling voters, going door to door, writing addresses on letters to constituents, and especially working the polls where you shined the most.

Everyone loved you and I know you got me many votes.

You always had our back, Mom.

I remember one time at Home Depot during the campaign season, you handed a flyer to a big tough country boy and said, “Vote for Glen.” He said, “They are all crooks.” You then got in his face and said “he’s not” and I had to pull you back before you hurt him. That was you, Mom, always helping, supporting, and fighting for your kids..

All your campaigning and hard work paid off in 2014 when we beat the Republicans and the Democrats for the House of Delegates and got first place by 1,000 votes with no money, which is unheard of in politics. You helped me win six elections and don’t worry Mom, comebacks are amazing.

Mom, we had so much fun together campaigning, working in the garden, eating all those great meals you cooked, and of course shopping at Walmart. Many times we would go in there and walk like crazy and you would never get in that electric cart because you always said if you don’t use it , you’ll lose it.

You touched so many lives even at Walmart where everyone knew you and loved you. When I told Wanda the cashier you were with God she cried at the cash register.

Thank you for all of your support and help and for believing in me always.. Thanks for everything else you did for me. I’m gonna miss you cooking all those great meals, washing my clothes, cleaning my house and even sweeping up Marlow the wonderdog’s hair; you were the best Mom and next door neighbor ever. I always knew that these things you did for me made you happy and thanks again for all you did for me. That’s you putting others first.

Now we see you over there but really you are with Jesus having a ball with Him and others in heaven … I know you’re a star in heaven and everyone wants to hang out with you because you’re amazing.

This earth will be a colder place with you not here , and heaven will be a warmer place with you there. We all know you’re always gonna be with us wherever we go and we’ve seen many signs you sent us since you left to be with God. Don’t worry about us Mom, The Good Lord will watch over us like He watched over you.

I am so proud to have you as my amazing mom and I know that one day I will be with you and Jesus in heaven. I love you Mom with all my heart.




The writer is a former state delegate representing District 34A.