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Letter: Thanking our teachers during a tough 2020 | READER COMMENTARY

Dear Harford County community and educators:

My name is Drew Evans and I am 15 years old. I attend The John Carroll School. In 2018, I started a Not for Profit called VolunTeen. VolunTeen is community service for teens with a desire to good in the world. Whether the purpose is to fulfill a community service requirement for school, to support a cause, or to just gain an invaluable experience. Our mission is to create opportunities for teenagers to give back to the community. Since COVID, we have completed 27 service projects and donated $42,770 through various projects.


We wanted to say thank you to teachers and in this virtual atmosphere the only way to accomplish that is social media. The board and I encouraged our members of VolunTeen to participate in this. We have collected many pictures of students from around the county, saying thank you. We came up with songs and had the board vote on the song they liked best, then I compiled to a video.

We would like to share the video with all of the Harford County teachers. We are really proud how it turned out and hope everyone loves it.


Click here to watch the video:

This year has been tough. We can’t imagine how tough it must be for teachers. Teachers have been expected to adapt and pivot immediately to this new system, and do it all overnight. We put together this video for the teachers in Harford County to say thank you. We see you. We see the hours spent trying to figure out how to dual instruct. We see you trying to implement Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls with ease. We see you trying to teach your own children at home, while also teaching us.

Our world is made better because of you. Thank you for doing your best, during one of the most crucial periods in the history of education.

We just want to say thank you and happy holidays!


Bel Air

The author is the president and founder of VolunTeen.