Thanks to Health Department staff and front line healthcare workers [Letter]

Dear Harford County Health Department staff and Front Line Heroes:

I wish to thank the staff of the Harford County Health Department for the work they do each day for the greater good of our community. They are literally behind the scenes heroes and they might not realize the impact they are having by keeping the Harford County Health Department services running for our clients in this most unusual of times. So I am expressing to them that their efforts are appreciated and will help the Health Department greatly as we move back to normal operations, whenever that may be.


I have watched way too much of the news lately and it is truly heartbreaking. We are all trying to do our part with social distancing practices to literally stay out of the way of the front line workers. So while I’m thinking of the Health Department staff’s safety and well-being each day, my thoughts are also with the front line heroes who are working tirelessly to keep us safe. As a thank you to them, I express my heartfelt gratitude through poetry.

Beyond Essential – Heroes in the COVID-19 Battle

You have taken on the status


That has deemed you as essential

But this sly, deceitful enemy

Took you past your full potential.

It raised your current status


In the middle of this plight

To a pure and simple hero

As you’ve taken on this fight.

Spending countless hours

To aid the strangers in your midst

You take the greatest care of them

While your own life is at risk.

You lean on one another

And shed many tears of sorrow

For the many who are fragile

And will not make it til tomorrow.

You feel horror as you witness

Families bidding last farewell

Not in person, not in private

But through FaceTime on their cell.

Extraordinary measures

Are intuitive for you

But for those of us mere mortals

Your great service helps us through.

So please stay strong and healthy

As you soldier through your days

Accept your role as hero

Accept our gratitude and praise.


Bel Air

The author is the deputy health officer at the Harford County Health Department.

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