Four years ago, I was elected to the position of Town Commissioner for the Town of Bel Air.

I enjoyed being in a position where I could help the citizens of Bel Air to continue to make Bel Air the wonderful town it has been through the years. Bel Air has been recognized as one of the best towns in Maryland for seniors and also recognized as the safest town in Maryland for its citizens.


I am proud of some of the accomplishments that I participated in. I nominated Susan Burdette to be our mayor. She has done an outstanding job and we will miss her as our mayor since she wants to retire from the many duties and obligations that she has performed during the past eight years on the council.

I joined Mayor Burdette and Commissioner Brendan Hopkins in voting 3-2 to allow a larger tower to be built, making it possible for the citizens of Majors Choice and the homes in the area of John Carroll High School to have needed help when making phone calls. I was originally against the tower, but in two different meetings to hear the public, every person there told stories of how they are affected by the challenges they now have. After hearing their problems, I decided to vote for the tower. I have always voted for what the people want.

Shortly after the election, I heard that we were auctioning off some police cars that were replaced with new ones. I attended the auction to see how it works. I was surprised to see only a very few people there and it seemed like the bidders were working together. I was looking for a solution as cars were being sold for $2,000. The following month, I was attending a meeting in Ocean City that is an annual event. While there, I met a man that was trying to get people to use their website to sell government products. I told our administrator about it and gave him the name and contact information. We joined them for all of the property that we want to sell. It is working out so well that it has saved our town many thousands of dollars the last few years.

Among my supporters are Susan U. Burdette, Mayor of the Town of Bel Air; James Reilly, Clerk of the Court; Derek Hopkins, Register of Wills; and Eddie Hopkins, Director of Emergency Operations for Harford County.

I am a graduate of the Harford County Leadership Academy.

Bel Air has been good to me and my family and I have made the decision to run again.


Bel Air

Bel Air’s municipal election is Tuesday, Nov. 5.