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EDITORIAL: Congrats to Harford County’s Class of 2021. You’ve certainly earned this one. | COMMENTARY

Congratulations are in order for the Class of 2021 high school graduates in Harford County, most of whom will have had their commencement ceremonies by the end of today, weather permitting.

Much like last year’s crop of graduates, this year’s class had a senior year they could not have anticipated when they began their high school journey almost four years ago.


They missed out on so much — fall and winter sports, proms, other extracurricular activities and just the daily interaction with friends and teachers for most of the year — and had to endure a lot of uncertainty and new challenges.

While it is certainly not what anyone wanted, we’d like to think they’ll be stronger for it.


Perseverance and adaptability are traits that will serve them well in life as adults, and goodness knows we’ve all needed plenty of those things to make it through the last 15 months or so. Couple that with the usual stresses of being a teenager, real or perceived, and there is no question the Class of 2021 has had a rough year.

But whether they are headed off to college, the military or entering the work force with their diplomas in hand, thanks to the pandemic, this year’s graduates will be uniquely more prepared for the curveballs that get thrown your way as a grown-up than many of us were leaving high school.

Maybe it’ll also give them a good “when I was your age” story to tell their teenage sons and daughters when they complain to them one day in the future.

Congratulations Class of 2021! You’ve made it, you’ve earned it, and here’s to your future.