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Del. Lauren Arikan: For out-of-step Democrats, their day is coming | COMMENTARY

You know it’s an election year when the most insane ideas on the planet start flying around the Maryland General Assembly. If the voters of our state knew what the Democrats were up to, they would outright reject them come November.

In the House this session, we have a bill from Del. Nicole Williams that would allow women to abort their own babies during the “perinatal period” — defined scientifically as being up to 28 days after birth. We have a bill from Del. Sheila Ruth that would allow the homeless to set up tent cities on all public property in the state, potentially surrounding homes, businesses, schools and denying police the ability to lawfully order them to disperse. A Montgomery County delegate put forward a bill that would use taxpayer money to pay for breast implants and more for biological males. This isn’t hyperbole.


These are real bills that show you just how outside of the realm of reality Maryland Democrats are today.

Maryland families are struggling to pay skyrocketing gas prices, put reasonably priced food on the table thanks to “Bidenflation,” protect their children and survive in this high tax state. Meanwhile, the tone-deaf Maryland Democrats are shoving through the climate legislation that seeks to make Maryland a net zero carbon emissions state. The stated long-term goal of the leftists in Annapolis: to eliminate the combustion engine. Everyone should be able to afford pricey electric vehicles in Maryland, according to Democrats.


They are passing offensively insignificant tax cuts to things like your toothbrush, while ignoring the fact that we have a $7.5 billion dollar surplus that should be immediately returned to the taxpayers. Now they are creating a paid leave fund that will have a direct impact on the cost of all goods and services made and procured in the state of Maryland. They are doing all of this while completely ignoring the skyrocketing crime that is sweeping our state.

In December, we tragically had Baltimore City Police Ofc. Keona Holley assassinated in her squad car just for wearing the uniform. Republican Sen. Robert Cassilly submitted a bill this year to remove the option of parole for anyone who kills our officers. He stated, “We will not tolerate people hunting down and murdering our law enforcement officers.”

The Senate Democrats stripped the bill and replaced it with a scholarship fund. This is a slap in the face to the men and women who put their lives on the line every single day so that smug politicians can sleep soundly at night. Democrats are refusing to pass meaningful legislation to get these criminals off our streets and protect our citizens for yet another year.

The Democrats see the polling. They know voters are running from their insane policies and yet in the liberal echo chamber of Annapolis, they are doubling down on crazy.

Far-left Del. Lesley Lopez usurped the traditional Women’s Caucus leadership rotation, with Democrats and Republicans trading the top spot each year, that would have made me the next president of the formerly bipartisan group — leading to the resignation of all the Republican members of the caucus. Lopez said she met about this caucus move with Speaker Adrienne Jones, who allowed it to happen. This is certainly a disappointing turn of events considering the path to speaker for Jones ran directly through the House Republican Caucus. Indeed, she could not have attained it without Republicans. Yet just two short years later, she makes daily attempts to stifle our debate, cuts us off and frequently refuses to recognize us on the House floor.

On redistricting, the Democrats created an unconstitutional congressional map that sought to gerrymander our one Republican Congressman Andy Harris out of office. The whole country is watching a real time example of absolute power corrupting absolutely. But take heart, dear reader, as I said to the speaker on the House floor just a few weeks ago: The Democrats can try to silence us. It will not work. We will not stop and you’ll be hearing very loudly from the voters in just a few short months. See you all at the polls!

Lauren Arikan is a Republican delegate for District 7 representing Harford and Baltimore counties.