50 years ago: Harford was paying the price for a White Christmas

From the Aegis dated Thursday, Jan. 1, 1970:

Harford County was paying for its White Christmas, quite literally, 50 years ago this week.


The combined efforts of state, county and municipal highway departments made all of Harford County's roads passable within 24 hours after snow initiated on Christmas day 1969. But the bad weather went down as a costly item.

All told, the snow cost Harford taxpayers approximately $56,000. More than 3,000 man hours were spent on the operation, many of them during cherished holiday hours, The Aegis reported.


Car takes wintry dip in pool

Howard L. Fox said he was awoken by the barking of his dogs Dec. 26 and found an unexpected visitor — and his car — in his swimming pool.

The driver told Fox that he had gotten lost and was looking for a place to turn his car around when he saw "that nice flat surface," that was actually an iced over swimming pool on Fox's Tudor Hall property.

Father killed, girl charged, mother hospitalized

A 17-year-old was charged in the shooting death of her father following a family argument in their home 50 years ago this week.

Police said Theodore Arturi, 38, was shot three times in the lower chest with double-ought buckshot from a shotgun at close range, at his home on the corner of Fox Trail and Quail roads in the Webster Village community near Havre de Grace.

His daughter, Charlene Arturi, was the only person charged in the Dec. 28, 1969 shooting.

The victim's wife, Helen Arturi, 37 was admitted to Harford Memorial Hospital the same afternoon.

Havre de Grace police chief Earl Walker, who arrived first on the scene, said Mrs. Arturi appeared to have been "beaten about the head and the face" and was hysterical.

Grand jury urges stiffer sentences in drug cases

Tougher judicial handling of persons convicted of selling narcotics and second offenders in drug usage cases was recommended by the November 1969 term of the Grand Jury in its report made to the Circuit Court Judges 50 years ago this week.

The jury report, signed by foreman Miles B. Hopkins, expressed surprise that more than 75 percent of cases the grand jury had heard involved the use and/or sale of narcotics in Harford County.

"We feel that immediate steps should be taken to levy maximum sentences on those convicted of selling narcotics in the county and that second offenders convicted for the use and handling of drugs should receive up to the maximum penalty," the jury wrote.

"This, we feel, would tend to discourage the sale and use of drugs in the county although we realize initially it may cause the jail to become overly full for a certain period of time."

New math will be on TV

Parents long baffled by the mysteries of the "New Math" as taught in elementary schools 50 years ago could sneak a peek over the teacher's shoulder when Channel 67 began airing its first college course for credit.


The 28-program tele-course was designed for teachers in the elementary schools and college-level credit could be earned. The course was to cover "the mysterious (to parents) number theory, conventional algorisms (sic) and the ever popular integers."

113,000 living in Harford

According to projected population estimates by the Harford County Department of Health, there were 113,300 people living in Harford County 50 years ago this week.

Dr. Irving Canfield, county health officer, said that the figures were based on projects and that there were many sources using many different totals, but to the best of his prediction, he estimated that to be the figure.

He also said the State Health Department projected an additional 2,000 by July 1, 1970, for a total population around 115,000.

Sports: Warriors get revenge on Patriots

Five Havre de Grace High School players scored double digits to down John Carroll 68-56 in the hardwood 50 years ago this week.

The Patriots led 10-0 to start, but the Warriors made it closed and exploded in the third quarter, outscoring their opponent 23-8. Keith Malloy scored 13 points and grabbed 19 rebounds for Havre de Grace.

It was the second meeting of the season between the two schools. John Carroll had won the first 70-69 on their home court.

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