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Harford Republican Central Committee member accused of harassment, held without bail

A member of Harford County’s Republican Central Committee is being held without bail after he was accused of harassing a former romantic partner and their friend, according to court documents.

Patrick Haggerty Jr., 28, of Bel Air, is charged with harassment, stalking and violating a peace and protective order in connection with a series of incidents catalogued in court documents.


According to documents filed in Harford County District Court, Patrick Kavanagh and a friend petitioned the court for peace and protective orders after they said Haggerty had harassed them.

Haggerty was ordered held without bail after a Sept. 23 bail review hearing, according to the documents. There are at least five cases against him — initiated through reports to a court commissioner, not a police investigation. An attorney listed as representing Haggerty in one case did not respond to questions by press time.


According to Kavanagh’s petition for a protective order, Haggerty had been harassing him since at least late June of this year, when Haggerty flipped him off from his car and followed Kavanagh through Bel Air. Days later, Haggerty sent Kavanagh’s relatives texts “ripping [his] character,” and drove by his house, honking his car’s horn three times.

According to the documents, Haggerty texted Kavanagh to meet at a Walgreens after the court had ordered him to have no contact with Kavanagh. He also drove by Kavanagh’s house several times to see if he was there, the documents state, and waited for him in the parking lot of the Main Street Tower restaurant in Bel Air.

Kavanagh wrote that Haggerty had called him and tried to pressure him into getting back together, saying if Kavanagh was ”willing to work on [their] relationship and get back together” he would get the state’s attorney’s office to drop assault charges against him, the documents state.

In July, Kavanagh was accused of assaulting Haggerty in December 2020 and January 2021, according to documents filed in a separate case. That matter was scheduled to go to trial Sept. 1, but was postponed. Haggerty has also filed a civil suit against Kavanagh.

Haggerty’s alleged harassment continued into September, Kavanagh’s petition states, and he received text messages from 58 different numbers that he believed were from Haggerty, according to the documents. Kavanagh applied for a protective order in August, but it was not granted because he failed to meet the burden of proof, according to the documents.

Kavanagh was granted a final protective order on Sept. 23, according to court documents, which states that Haggerty must stay away from his home, person and place of work, and surrender any guns he may possess.

Kristin McMahon, who lives in Kavanagh’s neighborhood, also filed a petition for a peace order against Haggerty, saying she had been targeted as well. She said Haggerty left voice messages, texts and used the mail to harass her because of her friendship with Kavanagh. In her petition she said a book entitled “How Not to be a C---” was delivered to her house with a fake return address. She said she tracked it to a joke company that specializes in sending intentionally annoying gifts to people.

Kavanagh received a card containing a “confetti bomb” from the same company, she wrote.


McMahon also wrote that Kavanagh began receiving phone calls from her phone number that she was not making. Her complaint stated she thought Haggerty was placing the calls by spoofing her phone number. Heavy breathing could be heard on the other end of the calls, she wrote.

McMahon was granted a temporary peace order on Sept. 15.

“I am scared he is using my name and calling other people as me attempting to slander my reputation within the community,” she wrote.

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According to an application for charges filed in district court, McMahon also saw Haggerty when she was going to the court commissioner’s office at the Harford County Detention Center on Sept. 22 and believes he followed her. He was charged with failing to comply with a peace order, stalking and harassment.

The Harford County Republican Central Committee’s website listed Haggerty as a member . According to the Maryland Board of Elections, Haggerty filed to run for a seat on the committee in June.

County GOP committee chair Jessica Blake wrote in an email that the committee is discussing the matter and is still gathering information.


The committee can remove a sitting member, but that process would have to be in accordance with its bylaws and that of the state party, requiring 20-days notice to a member before the committee can meet and take action, she said.

“While we are very concerned with the information we have seen to date. We cannot comment as we simply do not have any information beyond what is publicly available at this time,” Blake wrote.

The committee, Blake explained, is composed of 12 members elected to four-year terms and tasked with growing the party, recruiting candidates to run for local elected office and fill elected office vacancies when necessary.

The Harford County State’s Attorney’s Office does not comment on open and active cases.