Even with missed season, Aberdeen graduate Jordan Jenkins taking life lessons learned on lacrosse field with him

Aberdeen High School Senior Jordan Jenkins plans to attend Towson University in the Fall to major in business administration.
Aberdeen High School Senior Jordan Jenkins plans to attend Towson University in the Fall to major in business administration. (Matt Button / The Aegis/Baltimore Sun Media)

Jordan Jenkins doesn’t hesitate when he thinks about what he missed most about his senior year, a portion of it lost due to the coronavirus. The Aberdeen High School senior’s answer is a quick, three-words response: “my lacrosse season.”

“I feel like since freshman year we’ve built up this, we’re gonna have a senior night, we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that and at the end of our junior year, we won the Susquehanna Division and we got bumped up to the Chesapeake,” Jenkins said. “So, it was like, we’re coming for you guys, we are entering this new league, we are coming to play, we’re not getting bumped back down. The fact that all that’s built up, we went through the offseason, went through training and this just pops up, it’s just a killer to be honest.”


Jenkins is one of 320 scheduled to graduate from Aberdeen this year and, despite the loss of his final lacrosse season, he is a graduate who enjoyed his four years at the school.

“Aberdeen High School was inviting since freshman year, as I was able to go through the grades, I started to become more comfortable, more accustomed to the school and the people in it,” Jenkins said. “I knew who to talk to, I knew how to do things, when to do it. There weren’t any questions by the time my senior year was here, I could walk through that school sleeping basically. I knew everything and I feel like that’s something everybody should have."


Jenkins just didn’t attend Aberdeen High School, he relished it and enjoyed himself throughout the four-year process.

“I’m always happy, energetic in school. It’s kind of weird talking about yourself, but I think I’m a likable person, I’m easy to talk to. I don’t care if you’re a jock, or you’re smart or anything else, I will walk up to you and talk to you, because, that’s just who I am,” he said. “I’m curious about people, so I want to get to know a lot of people and that’s what I did basically. I guess that’s how I became well known.”

Jenkins took a variety of courses at Aberdeen — he studied piano, took AP classes and played two sports, which interacting with multiple groups of people. And he wouldn’t change a thing.

“All those people around me, they helped me with everything,” Jenkins said.

As the student, Jenkins class rankings are solid. His cumulative unweighted grade-point average is 3.5, placing him 75th of 320 and his cumulative weighted GPA 3.8 places him 72nd.

A quote he credits to boys lacrosse coach Patrick Mull is special to Jenkins: “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”

“I just basically live by that,” Jenkins said. “It shows, if you stop and think about what you’re doing, then you won’t have to stop and think about it later because you’ll just know what to do.”

Jenkins was a two-sport athlete at Aberdeen, playing wide receiver and defensive back on the football team, while serving as a midfielder and face-off man for the lacrosse team.

“When it comes to my coaches, my football coach [Chris Matlack] helped me get looks, he helped me grow and he knew me as a person," Jenkins said. “He knew that I was intelligent and everything, so he helped me with my weak spots, some of my more physical attributes of the game.”

“My lacrosse coaches [Patrick Mull and Matt Ryan] always had an open arm for me since my freshman year," he said. “I was a freshman that got called up to varsity. They saw something in me, they helped me, they trained me, they gave me new ways.”

Mull never taught Jenkins, but he valued him as a player and a person.

“Jordan Jenkins is one of, if not the, hardest working young men I’ve had the privilege of coaching," Mull said. "Jordan was a two-time captain for our lacrosse team and given that position by vote from his teammates, that shows the merit of his leadership. Jordan was revered by all his peers — he was the ultimate teammate and someone who always put the team first. Our program is better for having Jordan a part of it.”


Even though he couldn’t play the lacrosse season, he still talks to his coaches about things he needed help with or things that just needed to be spoken about and he felt like these were the right people to talk about it.

Oddly enough, seeking help wasn’t always a strong point for Jenkins. “My biggest weakness was being able to ask for help and then that’s like, you kind of stumble and then you’re just falling behind,” Jenkins said reference his biggest challenge while at Aberdeen.

Jenkins is heading to Towson University in fall, to study business administration. He plans to focus on school, see where he fits in and hopefully play club lacrosse.

Jenkins leaves these words for his classmates.

“Basically, I wouldn’t want to graduate with anybody else. I feel as though our class is all-around. We were athletic, smart, we are caring,” Jenkins said. “We are just that class that, when you think of who’s this person? “Oh they’re Class of 2020,” OK I get it. Well, he’s the best, clearly Class of 2020. When the senior class leaves, I feel as though, it’s just going to be different. We carry ourselves different.”

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