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Q&A: Joppatowne student beats senioritis to graduate and pursue career in criminal justice

As Joppatowne High School celebrated its 49th annual graduation on June 7, Class of 2022 member Keon Jordan reflected on how he battled the motivational decline known as senioritis during his senior year.


The Aegis caught up with Jordan to learn more about how he stayed focused before graduating and looking forward to college.


Q: How was your experience at Joppatowne?

A: Joppatowne was an OK experience. School is school, but I will say that it allowed me to make great memories and have some of the best laughs. Senior year was my favorite, though.

Q: Who helped you the most during this journey and how?

A: I would say my friends Charles Okoye, Jasmine Presberry and Chandrea Lavarin. I’ve had so many classes with them since middle school, and they’ve always been helpful to me.

Q: What were some challenges you faced heading toward graduation?

A: Senioritis, it was just a thing of going to school. The less days I had left, the less I felt like there was a reason to be there. All my work could be done at home, too, so I was finding more and more reasons to stay home.

Q: What was your motivation to finish school?

A: I know that I can’t get to where I want to be in life if I don’t complete certain goals, and this was one of them. But I was already here at the end, and it would be so completely backwards to not finish.

Also finishing high school was/is such a big accomplishment for me and my best friends Kelsey Pollock, Kennysha Ocasio-Gonzales and Ke’aira Spencer. This was something we looked forward to since we came together as a friend group. Being able to finish together was such a nice feeling, and in four years we’ll be completing college, waiting for the same feeling once again.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: I’ll be attending the number one public Historically Black College and University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, for my bachelor’s degree. I’m majoring in criminal justice, and I plan on making college everything I want it to be and then some.