Harford County corrections deputies found unknown suspected drugs last week during shakedowns at the Harford County Detention Center.

Deputies assigned to the Intelligence Unit of the Harford County Detention Center obtained information about potential drugs being in the facility and on Sept. 19, conducted a shakedown and drug dog scan of the dormitory where the drugs were suspected to be, said Kyle Andersen, public information office for the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.


Corrections deputies were assisted by the Harford County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit.

Suspected drugs were found in the dayroom of the dorm, Andersen said.

As the investigation continued, the Intelligence Unit suspected additional drugs were in the dorm and another shakedown and scan were scheduled. Last Friday, additional suspected drugs were found in a corridor the inmates travel while being removed from the dormitory.

As a precaution, a shakedown and dog scan were also conducted in another, nearby dormitory. No suspected drugs were found.

The suspected drugs recovered could not be identified and were sent away for testing, Andersen said.

He said it a small amount — “not a significantly large quantity” — of drugs found.

Deputies do not know who the drugs belong to and the investigation is ongoing.

“We have a very proactive intelligence unit at the detention center and they work very hard to keep contraband from entering the facility,” Andersen said. “When they suspect it’s there, they do everything in their power to locate the suspected CDS and remove it.”

Deputies do regular shakedowns and as they get information there may be drugs in the jail, he said.