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Harford County Council, state legislative races remain too close to call amid vote canvassing

After the Harford County Board of Elections’ second day of mail-in ballot canvassing Monday, some races are tightening, with candidates within 2 percentage points of one another.

The first close race is for the District F council seat between Republican incumbent Curtis Beulah and Democratic challenger Jacob Bennett. Beulah still leads Bennett with 48% of the vote to Bennett’s 46.4%, but Bennett, like other Democrats in the county, has steadily risen as more mail-in ballots are counted.


Bennett has received more than double the mail-in votes as Beulah: 1,510, or 65.1% of the total. Beulah has received 730, or about 31.4%. The two candidates were about even in early voting — Bennett received 1,879 votes, and Beulah received 1,853 votes. But, Beulah led Bennett on Election Day, with 4,818 votes, or 52.4% of the total, over Bennett’s 3,765 votes, or 40.9% of the total votes cast on Election Day.

“The race isn’t over yet, but we are very happy with how the results are turning out,” Bennett said Tuesday.


Another close race is between Republican Christian Miele and Democrat Mary-Dulany James, former state delegates running for District 34′s state Senate seat.

Miele maintains the lead with 50.4% of the total vote, while James has 49.3%. James has been catching up to Miele, also because of mail-in ballots, outnumbering him more than 2-1 with 4,229 votes, or 67.5% of the vote, over Miele’s 2,017 mail-in votes, or 32.2% of the vote.

Another close county race, also in District 34, is for the two House of Delegates seats in District 34A. The two Democrats in the race, County Council member Andre Johnson and incumbent Del. Steve Johnson, are leading with 29% and 25.8% of the vote. Republicans Glen Glass and Teresa Walter are not far behind, each with 24.1% and 20.8% of the vote.

Republican Bob Cassilly still holds a hefty lead in the race for Harford County executive, 65.3% of the vote over Democrat Blane Miller III. After Monday’s canvassing, Cassilly has 62,519 votes to Miller’s 32,888 votes.

Republicans lead in most of the races for Harford County Council seats. In addition to Beulah, two other Republican incumbent council members sought reelection: Patrick Vincenti, the council president, and Tony Giangiordano, of District C. Vincenti leads Democrat Wini Roche with 62.1% of the vote, and Giangiordano leads Democrat Evan Schaule with 65.2% of the vote.

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Other leading Republicans for County Council are: Aaron Penman, who ran unopposed for District B; James Reilly, of District D, who leads Democrat Jean Salvatore with 76.8% of the vote; and Jessica Boyle-Tsottles, of District E, who leads Democrat Rachel Gauthier with 58.7% of the vote.

Former County Council member Dion Guthrie is the only leading Democrat for a council seat, beating Republican David Woods in District A with 56.2% of the vote.

Republicans lead in other prominent county races. Jeff Gahler ran unopposed for sheriff, as did Alison Healey for state’s attorney. Michelle Karczeski is leading the race for clerk of the circuit court over Democrat Barbara Osborn Kreamer with 64.4% of the vote. Incumbent register of wills Derek Hopkins also leads in his re-election race over Democrat Jo Wanda Strickland Lucas with 65.8% of the vote.


In the remaining Maryland General Assembly races from Harford County, Republican incumbents lead.

State Sens. J.B. Jennings and Jason Gallion ran unopposed in their re-election races in Districts 7 and 35. District 35A Dels. Mike Griffith and Teresa Reilly also did not face Democratic opposition for their district’s seats.

Del. Lauren Arikan leads Democratic challenger Medford Campbell, III in District 7B with 68.8% of the vote. Del. Susan McComas leads in District 34B with 62% of the vote over Democrat Gillian Miller.

The Harford County Board of Elections will canvass the remaining vote this week. Provisional ballots will be counted Wednesday, and the rest of the mail-in ballots will be counted Friday.