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Harford County

Giangiordano appointed Harford County Council vice president

The Harford County Council on Tuesday held the first meeting with its newly elected members since the November election.

Council President Patrick Vincenti and District C council member Tony Giangiordano, both Republicans, are the only returning members from the previous council.


District A’s new council member, Dion Guthrie, a Democrat, served on the council from 2002 to 2014.

The other new council members are: Republican Aaron Penman of District B; Republican James Reilly of District D; Republican Jessica Boyle-Tsottles of District E; and Democrat Jacob Bennett of District F.


This council has two Democrats, one more than the previous council, which was District A’s Andre Johnson.

Giangiordano was appointed council vice president by unanimous council vote.

The council made other appointments, including Vincenti, Giangiordano, Guthrie and Reilly to the council personnel committee.

Penman was appointed to the Maryland Association of Counties’ 2022-2023 legislative committee, with legislative aide Jessica Blake named an alternate.

A number of Harford County Executive Bob Cassilly’s department directors were also approved by the council: Robert McCord as director of administration; Robert Sandlass as director of treasury; Joseph Siemek as director of public works; Nicholas Kuba as director of information and communication technology; Barbara Richardson as director of community and economic development; Paul Magness as director of parks and recreation; Richard Truitt as director of inspections, licenses and permits; Rick Ayers as acting director of emergency services; and Tiffany Stephens as director of human resources.