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Harford County

Harford County Council race to be recounted after just 11 votes separate candidates

The votes from the Republican primary for the Harford County Council’s District D seat will be recounted as a result of a mere 11-vote margin between the top two candidates.

Following the Harford County Board of Elections’ third vote-counting canvass Friday, James Reilly was the top contender with 2,862 votes, or 39.1% of the vote, with John B. Carl, Jr. on his heels with 2,851 votes, or 39% of the vote.


Carl filed a petition for a recount Friday, according to the Board of Elections. The recount will begin Tuesday at 9 a.m. Ballots will be tallied by hand.

“As close as it was, I think we need to do a recount,” Carl said. “It was really close.”


Carl said he’s “not a fan” of mail-in ballots. Carl led Election Day totals with 41.8% of the vote, ahead of Reilly’s 36.1%. However, Reilly caught up once the mail-in and provisional ballots were counted, with 53.1% of those votes, ahead of Carl’s 25%. Reilly also led the early voting numbers.

“I appreciate the win,” Reilly said. “I wish it was a little more, so we didn’t have to have a recount.”

Reilly said he’s still feeling confident but that if he were Carl, he would have also filed for a recount.