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Fuzzies mobile burger business set to open headquarters in Harford County

Fuzzies, a nostalgic burger pop-up and food truck, is setting a new foundation in Harford County with a new headquarters, production facility and retail space.

“Fuzzies has commissioned the build-out of a new mobile food operation in addition to the food truck, to meet consumer demand,” said Josh Vecchiolla, owner of Fuzzies.


Vecchiolla signed a lease for a commercial space in Harford County’s Forest Hill Business Airpark, to serve as the company’s headquarters and for food preparation.

“Being locals for most of our lives in Harford County, we wanted to establish a new fun, exciting and alternative concept in our hometown where we have tremendous support,” Vecchiolla said.


Fuzzies is a nostalgic burger concept with a modern feel, locally owned and operated by brothers Josh and Brad Vecchiolla since fall 2020. Fuzzies began as a pop-up at local breweries and bars from Harford County to Baltimore by bootstrapping before rapidly accruing a cultlike following that enabled the startup to acquire a food truck in winter 2020, Josh Vecchiolla said.

The name Fuzzies was inspired by the “warm fuzzies” you get when something good happens, Josh Vecchiolla said.

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“A lot of the vision for branding and design was inspired by growing up in the 80′s and 90′s, arguably the decades most often associated with nostalgia and style,” Josh Vecchiolla said. “This era revolutionized pop culture, from New Wave music on cassette tapes and the golden age of movies to malls filled with food courts and arcades studded with neon lights.”

With the Vecchiolla brothers’ 20-plus years of combined experience in fine dining in the hospitality industry, they were ready to work for themselves to bring fun new concepts to the local community, Josh Vecchiolla said.

Fuzzies continued to push through the pop-up model while increasing cash flow for a complete overhaul and build-out of the food truck throughout 2021, Josh Vecchiolla said. Along with other businesses during the pandemic, Fuzzies struggled to expand, but the brothers were determined make it happen.

“Starting any business is a challenge. Starting a food business is an even greater challenge,” Josh Vecchiolla said. “Starting a food business during the peak of COVID-19 with dining and mask mandates, near record inflation, a record low work pool, and no startup capital from banks or investors is about as challenging as it gets to say the least.”

Currently, Fuzzies is working with county departments to begin renovations. The headquarters is set to be fully functional by end of summer.

“We’re excited that Fuzzies has chosen Harford County for their headquarters,” said Harford County Executive Barry Glassman. “Small businesses like this drive our local economy and we look forward to helping them grow.”


Fuzzies plans to be open for business at their headquarters, via the food truck, and run their Lightning Lunch, which is a limited offerings menu designed to feed a corporate lunch crowd during business hours as quickly as possible. They’ll also host their own Food Truck Nights where they’ll serve their signature menu along with specials of the week, Josh Vecchiolla said.