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Tiny in stature with a big personality: Parkville Crabs accident victim recalled as athletic and adventurous

Deanna Jean Allik, the woman who died after a car crashed through the front window of Parkville Crabs last week, was an athlete, adventurist and business owner, family members said.

Allik, 35, was killed Friday when a car crashed through the front window area of the Parkville Crabs restaurant Friday afternoon in the 7800 block of Harford Road, Baltimore County police spokesperson Jennifer Peach said. Allik died at the scene after being hit by debris, she said.


Peach said the driver may have accidentally hit the gas pedal in the parking lot, causing the car to drive through the front of the restaurant.

Deanna Jean Allik, 35, of Parkville, died after a car crashed through the front window of Parkville Crabs on Harford Road Dec. 18, 2020.

Allik, who lived several blocks away on the 8100 block of Harford Road, was the co-owner of DNS Crabs, a wholesale business in Parkville. Her older sister, Lauren, said Deanna was there doing payroll, getting together everyone’s Christmas bonuses.


“She worked really closely with Parkville Crabs,” Lauren Allik said. “She had been working really hard the past couple of years in that business as co-owner.”

Prior to starting DNS, which stands for “Delicious, Natural Seafood,” according to the company’s Facebook page, Deanna Allik had worked as a bartender at a number of establishments in the Baltimore area.

She was 2004 graduate of C. Milton Wright High School in Bel Air, and had been heavily involved in athletics from a young age, her sister said. In high school, she participated in cheerleading, soccer, and track and field.

“After high school, she continued to play on soccer leagues and all the recreational leagues in the city for a long time. She’d come up and be a fill-in for my rec leagues up here [in Harford County], the adult social leagues,” Lauren Allik said.

Lauren describe her sister as “tenacious,” and despite her smaller stature — Deanna was 5-foot-1 and 120 pounds, her sister said. She played mostly on several coed club soccer teams “because she likes competition.”

“While she might be little, the smallest pepper is always the hottest, right?” Lauren said.

Deanna was a member of the short-lived Baltimore Charm Lingerie Football League team in 2013. During halftime of a game that year, Deanna was part of a promotion where Dave Portnoy, the controversial owner of pop culture website Barstool Sports, had to tackle her.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in East Baltimore called attention to that moment Sunday on Twitter, when a photo of Portnoy tacking Allik appeared in the background of his show a few days after Allik was killed.


Carrie Holloway, close friend of Lauren’s, created a link for a Meal Train to aid Deanna’s parents, Donald and Pamela Allick, who still reside in Harford County. Meal Train is an online platform that helps schedule and organize meal giving for other people.

Holloway said she had known Deanna for the last five to eight years, and “she was just crazy adventurous. She would just pick up and go to another country by herself.”

Lauren Allik recalled when her younger sister went to Thailand for a month, backpacking by herself and eating a scorpion while she was there. She also remembered Deanna winning a $50 bet to eat an onion and eating a worm in her high school years, just to gross out the next door neighbor kids, Lauren said.

After years of working in the bar scene, Deanna had spent the past year living sober, her sister said.

“She’s been a year and a month now, sober,” Lauren Allik said. “She had now ventured into an entire new world of people. So she went from the bartending life, which brings a bunch of drinkers, to the complete opposite.”

Deanna’s aunt, Linda Lachman, pointed to a number of Facebook posts in response to the news that Deanna had died that showed who she was.


A former teacher posted that Deanna was one of her favorites: “Your smile always lit up my room.” One friend wrote “Deanna was tiny, but her personality was big,” and another posted “Will miss your beautiful smile, your amazing hugs, wise cracks and your feisty personality.”

Funds donated to aid the Allik family are being directed to Anchor Athletics, a charitable organization based in Forest Hill aimed at making youth athletics accessible to all children regardless of the challenges they face in life.

“We are touched and inspired that Deanna’s family wants to turn their personal tragedy into something positive for someone else and we will work with the Allik family to ensure that the donated funds are used for something that will honor Deanna’s vibrant life,” said Erin Voss, a founding member of Anchor Athletics.