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C. Milton Wright’s ‘Renaissance man’ Quinnten Hatfield will play lacrosse and study physics in college

Quinnten Hatfield has, during his four years at C. Milton Wright High School, played basketball, lacrosse and soccer, played double bass in the school orchestra, and completed the Project Lead the Way pre-engineering program.

Considering those and many other accomplishments, Hatfield’s fellow members of the CMW graduating Class of 2021 named him “best all around.”


“I just try and stay well rounded,” said the 18-year-old Bel Air resident, who describes himself as a “Renaissance man.”

Hatfield also served as president of the school’s math National Honor Society and as a team captain in all three of the sports he played for the Mustangs. But, he considers being selected as C. Milton Wright’s male nominee for the Al Cesky scholarship this year as his biggest high school accomplishment.


Twenty-four seniors from Harford County’s 12 public and private high schools — one male and one female — are nominated each year to win two $5,000 scholarships from the Al Cesky Scholarship Fund. The winners are announced during an awards banquet, scheduled for June 16; the other 22 student athletes each receive a $2,000 scholarship.

“I’ve always wanted to be somebody who did well in all aspects of life, and so I think being the nominee from our school was my greatest accomplishment,” Hatfield said.

In the fall, Hatfield will attend St. Mary’s College of Maryland, where he will play lacrosse and study physics. He plans to go into engineering after getting his undergraduate degree — his father and grandfather both work in the engineering field.

Craig Hatfield, Quinnten’s father, works for Battelle Memorial Institute, which he described as the “largest nonprofit research and development organization in the world.” The Columbus, Ohio-based organization serves multiple clients, including tenants at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

The elder Hatfield said “most proud” he has been of his son is when he hears from other C. Milton Wright parents, plus coaches and teachers, about Quinnten’s leadership skills and “how supportive and encouraging he was to the younger kids, or the kids who were struggling,” he said, noting that his son has tutored many other students.

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The younger Hatfield is considering a career in chemical or environmental engineering and wants to work on projects that help the environment. He created a device to pick up plastic in streams for his senior capstone project in the pre-engineering program.

“I like environmental science and trying to correct some of the things that humans do [to Earth],” he said.

He loves nature and visited parks and wilderness areas in Harford County, as well as Pennsylvania, with his friends, as they could not participate in any indoor activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“It was really the only way we could get together, because we couldn’t hang out inside,” Hatfield said.

He has close friendships, some of which go back 12 years or longer, and he will miss being with peers he has seen each day in the classroom and on the athletic field. He also highlighted the small class sizes and “easy-going” teachers at C. Milton Wright who created an environment “where we could all have fun and excel in the classroom.”

“I think I’m most looking forward to having really challenging courses in college, and also getting opportunities to work in the physics department and in engineering, getting real hands-on work that can challenge me,” he said of his outlook for the future.

Hatfield also wants to “just continue to try and make an impact on people, a positive impact on everybody, and try and meet as many new people as I can.”