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Harford animal control seizes horses, ponies, pigs, charges owners with neglect; owners sue county

Harford County animal control officers seized seven animals from a Darlington address, charging their owners with failing to provide food and water, according to documents filed in district court.

Logan Carrington and Danielle Mauk are charged with seven misdemeanor counts each of animal cruelty: failure to provide, document show. They have since filed a civil suit against Harford County animal control, accusing them of illegally seizing the animals. The suit seeks the return of the animals and $3,150 in damages.


Carrington said in a Thursday interview that he disagreed with the court documents’ characterization of the horses and conditions. He said animal control and a veterinarian came to the property July 13 to check the horses, rating their weight on a scale of one to 10, with five being a healthy weight. All the horses were rated between three and four, he said.

“We had a vet come out and look at all the horses and stuff while animal control officers were there,” he said. “Thursday morning [July 16] I woke up and animal control was loading up all the horses.”


According to the documents, animal control officers went to an address in the 4300 block of Conowingo Road on the morning of July 16 to seize two horses, two ponies and two pigs with help from Days End Farm Horse Rescue. When they arrived, the officers attempted to contact the owners, but could not reach them. In the pasture were two thoroughbred horses without water in their trough. Both horses stood by the water trough and were attempting to drink, according to documents.

Carrington said the horses’ trough was empty because he was going to clean it out.

The pen containing two ponies, the documents state, had no hay in it either. The horse rescue began making preparations to transport the animals, while animal control officers found a bucket to give them water.

“The two horses were drinking the water faster than it could come out of the hose and into the bucket,” according to the documents.

The ponies and horses were loaded onto the trailer without issue. Officers also rounded up a female pig that shared a pen with the ponies. Inside the area was a kiddie pool with a little bit of sludgy water and algae inside, the documents state. There also was not feed in the area. Another male pig’s accommodations were the same, according to the documents.

Carrington said the horses had water troughs in their areas and the muddy water was for the pigs to wallow in to keep cool.

While waiting, the animal control officers also found a filly in another pen — with dirty water and little food — that they did not previously notice, the documents state. The run in the enclosure was “covered in urine and feces,” the documents state. The filly’s ribs could be counted; its hip bones jutted out prominently and its knees were swollen, indicating possible cellulitis — a bacterial infection — according to the documents. The officers made the decision to seize it as well.


The two pigs were taken to the Humane Society of Harford County, and Days End Farm Horse Rescue took the horses and ponies.

Electronic court records did not list an attorney for either Carrington or Mauk.

For the record

An earlier version of this story misspelled the name of the horse rescue that assisted the county. It should have said Days End Farm Horse Rescue. The Aegis regrets the error.