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Aberdeen City Council discusses new assisted-living facility and expands city limits

On Monday, the Aberdeen City Council held a short public hearing for a proposed assisted-living facility at the old Aberdeen High School and expanded the city limits by annexing two properties.

The meeting began with discussion of the ordinance governing how the one-acre property on Route 40 being targeted for the assisted-living facility can be used.


When the property was acquired from the city by Keyona Investors LLC on Jan. 15, 2019, the deed contained restrictive covenants limiting the use of the property for a period of 10 years from the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the property. Specifically, the deed prohibited use of the property to senior residential purposes, including senior apartments and senior day care, related commercial office or medical space or multifamily apartments.


Keyona Investors sold the property, which includes the former high school building that dates to 1920, to Mohammed Chaudry’s AMRE Holdings LLC in December 2020, according to state property records.

Aberdeen is looking to modify the use of property by allowing it to be used for various medical-related purposes such as laboratories and imaging facilities.

Mohammed Chaudry runs the Nova Vascular, Diabetes and Wound Care center at the property, Mayor Patrick McGrady said. Chaudry is looking to add assisted-living units for his patients on the third floor on the building, McGrady said.

Since Chaudry came to the council to change the restrictions, the council created an ordinance that will remedy the issue, McGrady said.

The City Council believes that use of the property for an assisted-living facility would provide a much needed and desirable public service, according to agenda documents.

No one from the public spoke at the hearing, and only one council member asked a question about modifications to the building. There was no further discussion. The city will be able to take action on the ordinance during the next council meeting on Aug. 8.


The council also approved the annexation of two properties. The first involved the addition of portions of Old Philadelphia Road to the city. This property, which is owned by FRP Old Philadelphia Road, LLC, is in Cranberry Run Business Park near Route 7.

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The owners would like to build a warehouse on the property, and want to make use of public services from Aberdeen. The annexation approval will allow the owners to get city resources such as water and sewer access, road improvements, stormwater management and more.

However, the owners must pay the city all reasonable and actual costs associated with the annexation. These costs and expenses include, but are not limited to, attorney fees and expenses, publication costs, recording fees, and costs and expenses associated with any referendum election if required to be conducted on the annexation.

The second annexation involves the property known as 2106 Titan Terrace, which is near a housing community. Richard Baker, the owner of the property, is looking to add one or two single-family homes to cover three quarters of the one-acre lot, McGrady said.

In order to build these homes, Baker needs public services such as water and sewer from a municipality, McGrady said.


However, the property is in the corporate area of Havre de Grace, but is not geographically a part of the municipality, McGrady said. The closer municipality is Aberdeen, so Baker petitioned to have his property included in the corporate limits of Aberdeen for water and sewer access and other public services, McGrady said.

Baker will have to pay the city for all reasonable and actual costs and expenses associated with the annexation.

In addition to the annexations, the City Council announced it will present a draft of the comprehensive plan during the Aug. 10 Planning Commission meeting. The council expects to have a final draft completed by September, McGrady said.