A Humpback whale is seen in footage captured by Jake Robinson off the coast of Ocean City on Aug. 6.

A boat captain spotted at least one whale while cruising along the Ocean City shoreline this week and the video he posted on social media has gone viral.

Jake Robinson owns and captains a catamaran named The SeaBoard, which he has used to tote a large, digital billboard up and down the Ocean City shore since 2009. Robinson said he was floored Tuesday when he spotted what appeared to be a young whale near his regular shoreline route in about 30 feet of water.


“I’ve seen whales before, but it’s been quite a few years since I’ve seen one so close to the beach,” Robinson said Thursday.

The captain quickly slowed the boat down and flagged another person on board to come watch the young aquatic mammal drift below the surface of the water. Robinson filmed the experience and posted the video to his business and personal social media pages, he said.

“I posted something on my personal page that said ‘yeah work sucks,’” Robinson said sarcastically. “I do have a pretty cool job.”

Robinson said he finished filming the whale and continued on his route. Upon his return up the coast, he said he counted about three whales near the same location.

The captain’s video of the experience has been shared on Facebook more than 1,300 times, with many people responding with enthusiastic messages and questions.

Some commented that they were able to see the whales from shore that day.

“We try to post pictures and things from the beach and the ocean that people would enjoy seeing,” Robinson said. “This was a pretty special experience for me. And certainly the response to it was pretty cool too.”