Team Daddy's is basically a "pick-up team" in the words of its player-manager Zach Green.

But however modest its origins, it proved itself to be a pretty good "pick-up team" team this fall. The Westminster area-based slow-pitch outfit romped to a 13-1 record to pick up the South Carroll Athletic Association (SCAA) fall Thursday night softball league championship.


The nickname originated something like the team; it just sort of came about.

"We were sitting around thinking of a name for the team, and someone just suggested it. I thought it was funny," Green said.

The players were basically a collection of friends and family. Ranging in age from 18 to 27, they are graduates of several county schools, including Westminster, Century, and Winters Mill. They knew each other from their time playing for different teams in the Carroll County Men's Softball League. But they had never played together before this fall.

For that reason, their manager couldn't really say just how well he thought they'd do when the SCAA schedule began.

"I didn't know what to expect. I knew we'd do well, but I didn't know we'd win it," Green said.

He recalled that their first league game wasn't particularly auspicious.

"I didn't know what happened. We didn't seem ready, and we seemed flat," the 20 year-old North Carroll graduate recalled.

Shack's Killer Bees handled them 22-12 in that opener. Little did he or his players know, but that was the last game they would lose.

"The second game we came back and hit the heck out of the ball," Green said.

His team won that one 17-7.

Afterward, his players won 11 more games in a row. Some were close, but Daddy's always came out on top.

Green recalled one mid-season doubleheader against Pitch Slap that his guys had to battle to win.

"The first game was back and forth. Nobody really seemed to be winning. We'd go up by a couple of runs, and then they'd go up by a couple. It just popped back and forth," the manager recounted.

But his team finally popped at the right time to win it 13-9.


Game two was even closer. It took a walk-off, three-run homer by Cody Cowman to win it for Team Daddy's, 11-8.

Hitting those home runs was a big weapon in the arsenal for the SCAA fall champs even if it did run regularly afoul of an important league rule. The SCAA loop allows only two over-the-fence home runs per game. Any additional fly balls over the fences are outs.

"We had three big boys who hit the ball hard, but a lot of those home runs were outs. The power helped us and it hurt us," Green said.

However, he added that Team Daddy's never once failed to hit its allotted two over-the-fence dingers each game. And in the long run, that was big for the team.

Daddy's also had good speed which allowed it to run the bases aggressively and take extra bases. Its speed in the outfield helped greatly on defense.

"A lot of balls that would have been in the gap were run down," Green said.

Daddy's was chased in the standings all the way to the end of the season by Shack's, the team it had split with in week one. Later in the season, the Killer Bees had tied a game, leaving them half a game behind Green's squad. They would stay that close the rest of the way and force Daddy's to keep winning to stay on top.

Those Bees were still sitting close behind as Daddy's took the field against G.L. Shacks Black for its final doubleheader of the year in mid-October. It won Game 1. Then, in Game 2, it batted around three times in the first inning and led 17-0.

One might think things were definitely over with a lead like that. However Shack's Black came back to make it interesting, and the lead started melting.

"I was thinking, 'is this really happening'. We were standing out there in the field, and I thought we'd never get out of it," Green said.*

They did get out of it, but not until Shack's Black made it close before succumbing in a wild one, 26-20.

That final game of the season clinched the championship for Team Daddy's and left Shack's that fatal one-half game behind. The fall league has no postseason tournament although Green says he wishes it did.

He says he hadn't seen the SCAA league before entering his team but noted, "it was a lot more competitive than I expected."

"It helped that all of us are friends. We went out there to have fun, and that made it easier for us to play," Green said, citing an intangible reason for his team's success.

Because the players have commitments to other teams in the summer, Team Daddy's won't re-assemble until next fall's SCAA season begins. Green says it plans to return ti the league's Eldersburg venue at Freedom Park for another try.