Carroll Varsity Q&A: Winters Mill's Lillie Carr

We chat with the Falcons senior about how her team has progressed, and what she does on a rainy day

What has been a big contributing factor in Winters Mill's early success this season?

"What happened with Makenzee George a couple months ago has really contributed to how hard we work and how far we push ourselves not only to win for her, but to be a better team and it's really gotten us closer and we've become more positive."


What's your favorite thing about starting a new season?

"Since it is my last season, it's created a bigger bond with all the other teammates and it's more sentimental and makes me work even harder to win and be a better teammate."

In what ways do you and Zoey [Deniker] work together to learn from each other in splitting pitching duties to improve yourselves and the team?

"We keep track of our pitches, balls and strikes during the game when one pitches and the other doesn't. We try to help each other and keep our heads up and just support each other."

What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

"My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is just go outside and play in the water."