Carroll Varsity Q&A: Francis Scott Key's Heather Rohwein

Eagles senior chats about FSK basketball, playing a new sport with teammate Korey Fine, and more

What was the key to FSK basketball's success this season?

"I think this season it was really important for us to play together as a team. Throughout the season, we had no one scoring threat, we could score down in the post or we could score outside."


How did you and fellow senior Korey Fine present yourselves as leaders for this young team?

"Korey and I really tried hard to present ourselves in a very positive manner throughout the season. We worked hard every practice and we tried to emphasize 'Game day's tomorrow' or any day of the week. Even after a tough loss, afterward on the bus we tried to listen to music, keep it positive and get ready for the next game."

What will you miss the most about playing basketball for FSK?

"I think I'll miss the camaraderie the most. We had a really tight-knit team this year, we had so much fun. We went out to dinner before almost every game and had a really great time."

What excites you the most about playing a new sport with Korey this spring?

"I think it's a really unique opportunity that Korey and I can continue into a third sport this year. We've never played tennis before so this time it will be a really fun go-around and there's no pressure on performing so I think it will be really cool."

What song are you currently listening to on repeat and why?

"I really like old music so right now I'm listening to The Beatles a lot, so probably 'Strawberry Fields [Forever]' because you can't help but sing."