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Carroll Varsity Q&A: SC's Erin Langille, cross country

South Carroll senior Erin Langille is one of Carroll County's top returning runners.

After a successful junior campaign — her first in the sport after leaving the soccer pitch — Langille hopes to continue to better her times and compete with the best in the state. Last season, she finished third at the MVAL Antietam Conference championship with a personal-best 19:20.2. This year, she's already recorded a third-place finish at Mountain Run (21:19.26), and a silver medal performance at the Brunswick Invite (19:59.1).


Full of other talented runners from schools like Liberty, Century and Westminster, Carroll County has the potential to send a plethora of athletes to the state meet at Hereford in November. It's Langille's hope that she's not only one of those girls, but possibly even the best of the pack by season's end. She'll get an early look at the course on Saturday at the Bull Run.

How's the season going so far?


"Yeah, I mean I definitely did a lot more miles this summer, and just really focused on strength a little bit more and everything. And I did some summer track this summer, and that really, really helped, through lightning, just keeping up with my speed and everything. So it's been good so far."

Being one year into cross country, is it hard to compete with the veterans?

"I've been picking up things, like cresting hills, or even running down hills. I used to just wing it, but now I have some technique for that. Obviously I don't have all the experience, but I mean I pick things up, so I think I'm pretty seasoned now."

How do you prepare for Bull Run?

"A lot of people say South Carroll's course is a really hard course, so just doing the hills and just really…hills. Hills, hills, hills."

Does it help knowing that you'll be back at that course again for the state meet?

"Just running down the dip. I know it sounds silly. You're only doing it once. But just knowing what you're going into first. We always do the course walks, but a lot of times you're just walking it, so you don't know what it feels like to run it. So coming back at the state meet, you know like, 'Oh my gosh, this is going to hurt right here, but after this, I have a down hill.' So I can play it off, or know when to push and when not to push, so that's really nice."

What's the difference in team dynamic between soccer and cross country?


"Well, soccer, everyone plays different positions, so you're all kind of working together and everyone has their own strengths. In running, it's kind of similar. Some people may be better at the uphills, some people may be better at finishing or something. But in a race, you're all kind of going through the same thing. Whereas soccer, somebody might be on offense trying to score a goal, but someone else may be trying to defend it. So it's more of a single goal, in a way."

Which actress would play you in a movie?

"Definitely Jennifer Lawrence, she's just really cool. She does a lot of cool things, and she's pretty bad."

What's your favorite food?

"Favorite food would probably be fried rice. I just love Chinese food so much."

What's a sport you struggle with?


"Definitely Wiffle ball. Every time at the beach, my hand-eye coordination is just not there to play that."

Andy plans to run in college?

"I've just been trying to improve my times, so if it works out that I can run in college, that'd be great. But either way, I definitely want to do club, or stick to running. And I've been talking to a few coaches, so trying to walk on just or play club would be really, really cool."

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Where in the world do you want to travel?

"Definitely Australia. It's just so beautiful there."

Any hidden talents?


"I have a weird eye trick that I can do. My eye just sort of goes off, but I can get it into place and go back and forth. That's probably my biggest talent."