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Carroll Varsity Q&A: FSK's Devin Cole

How is the season going so far?

"Honestly, I think we're doing great. Our defense is working their butts off and, me and Jake up front, we're doing, I think, a great job. I think coach Larry is doing a great job basically just coaching us. And every win, we're just going to keep working off of that until we can go any father."


How is this team going to keep getting better?

"I think what we need as a team, after a win, I think we should build off of that, and just keep trying harder and harder until we lose a game. But after that loss, we're not going to put our heads down, we're still going to give all we have."


How has your experience playing FSK soccer been?

"Honestly, It's been great. I love all my players, they love me too, trust me. Like our chemistry, me and the team's, it's perfect. I honestly think that."

Tell us something funny about your coach?

"He doesn't really like when I shoot with my right. Just 'cause it's ugly and it goes nowhere."

What sport can't you play to save your life?

"Probably lacrosse. I don't know how people catch a ball in a net like that. That's crazy."

What's your favorite food?

"I like tacos, honestly. I think they're a spicy food, and I enjoy that."


What is your favorite sports team, and favorite player?

"I actually like the Detroit Lions for football, and my favorite football player is probably Calvin Johnson."

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If an actor was going to play you in a movie, who would it be?

"Probably Will Ferrell, because he's awesome."

Any plans post-high school?

"I've been looking into community college for soccer down in Baltimore. ... I'm thinking about, once I'm done with my two years of community college if I go to, I'll probably work with my dad as a chimney sweeper."


Who is your favorite soccer player?

"Probably Cristiano Ronaldo."

Francis Scott Key's Devin Cole is hoping his boys soccer team can compete in the county title race one last time before his high school career ends. So far this season, he's second on the team with three goals. He's also got two assists.