The Owls' senior forward talks about his season, coming back from injury, and more

What has been the biggest difference for Westminster over the past few weeks?

"I really think a couple of our momentum plays have really started to build upon each other. If you look at earlier in the year when we started out 0-8, a lot of times we were in games, we were pretty close and down the stretch of games we'd just lose a couple momentum plays and end up losing by at least 10 or 12 points. But a couple of the last games, Winters Mill [Wednesday] night, FSK, Century, a lot of these momentum plays started to go our way which really helped us to secure the wins and really close out teams."


How tough was it for you to miss nine games after suffering an injury in the first game of the season?

"It's definitely extremely difficult, I really tried to focus this offseason on getting in as best shape as possible to really compete for a county title hopefully, but obviously it's devastating, ask anyone that's suffered an injury. I know [Winters Mill guard] Braedon [Dorsey] has been out for a while and you could probably ask him the same question. It's definitely difficult senior year when you've worked so hard for something and to have your season shortened. But that's in the past and you really can't control it, so you just have to work as hard as possible to keep going and keep improving every game."

What was the biggest adjustment you had to make when you returned?

"Well before my injury, I definitely considered myself one of the most ambidextrous players in the county with the ability to go right or left. After that, at the beginning my shoulder brace was definitely pretty restrictive, that was probably one of the biggest setbacks. If you've seen me play, you know it's a pretty bulky brace with at least three or four different straps, that was difficult. Getting back and conditioning was difficult, but one of the more difficult things was getting on the same page as my teammates, who had learned to play without me decently well during the month that I had been out."

How exciting was the big overtime win at rival Winters Mill on Wednesday?

"Pretty incredible. Anytime you can beat a rival in their home gym on senior night, with one of the biggest crowds I've probably ever played against, it's always a great experience. Just the atmosphere, the energy, everyone on our team was playing as hard as possible every single moment. We didn't get down on each other too much. It was just almost unexplainable, just a great feeling."

What's been your favorite part about playing basketball at Westminster the last four years?

"I think really the relationships that I've formed between my teammates. Obviously there's been some turmoil in the turnover of the coaching staff and stuff, and that's difficult. But I really think that I've grown to become pretty close to a lot of my teammates and I think we just have a great group of guys who are willing to sacrifice their bodies, they're going to give blood, sweat, tears in order to win the game and help us become a better basketball team. That's really my favorite part of playing here."

Who is your favorite professional basketball player to watch?

"That's a difficult question. I was a big Kevin Love fan, but now he's been kind of relegated to a spot-up shooter. I would have to say probably Isaiah Thomas. I like his playmaking ability, the way he sets his teammates up, he can score for himself. I really like his game."

What music are you listening to before a big game?

"We're definitely listening to some hip-hop, probably some Drake on there, maybe some Meek Mill. It's a lot of hip-hop, a lot of rap, not a lot of country or rock or anything like that. That's pretty much what we do, we play it on speaker, we jump around the locker room, get pretty hyped up, stretch a little bit, and then we're pretty much ready to go."