Cross Country: MV's Goffena wins Crossfire, Liberty boys take team title

Rubie Goffena might have to get used to running alone during a cross country race.

The Manchester Valley freshman won the annual Crossfire Invitational at Liberty High School on Tuesday in 20 minutes, 12.2 seconds, well over a minute ahead of the next finisher. She ran alone and without pressure from other runners through the race’s duration.


“I think I did really good,” Goffena said. “It’s definitely hard pacing by myself, but I think I did really good.”

Goffena said she trained every other day in the summer to prepare for her inaugural varsity season. She often runs after her team’s practices to get extra mileage in.

It’s been paying off — Goffena has four wins in four events, the last two coming in invitationals — and she’s been embracing the experience this season.

“I love being on this team, I can’t even explain it, it’s awesome,” Goffena said. “Everyone is so supportive and they’re all awesome and really good runners.”

Alexis Whitehorn-Coriz of Damascus finished second in 21:01.4 and Winters Mill sophomore Kathryn Hopkins was third in 21:26.7.

Six Carroll County athletes rounded out the top 10 — Century’s Elise Greenwald came in fifth, followed by Westminster’s Erin McGrath, Jenna Zietowski from Liberty, Dellaney Georgiana from Winters Mill, Century’s Chloe Sobchak, and Sammie Spargo from Liberty.

The Knights took first place for large schools with 63 points and Westminster was third behind Marriotts Ridge with 79. South Carroll’s fourth-place finish (95 points) was the county’s best for small schools.

Saxon, Fenton finish second and third

Daniel Saxon and Zachary Fenton have known one another for quite some time, and they used to play football together.

The two run cross country and track for rival schools — Saxon at Liberty, Fenton at Century — but, they continue to support one another. The duo finished second and third at the Crossfire with just two seconds between them, Saxon in 17:07.7 and Fenton in 17:09.6.

“We always try to push and support each other,” Saxon said. “Since we’ve been running, we always stuck with each other, especially since last year and this year. We've kind of become rivals, but good friends too and we always push each other to do better in every race.”

Liberty's Daniel Saxon takes second place with Century's Zachary Fenton close behind for third during the Crossfire Invitational cross country meet at Liberty High School October 2, 2018.
Liberty's Daniel Saxon takes second place with Century's Zachary Fenton close behind for third during the Crossfire Invitational cross country meet at Liberty High School October 2, 2018. (Ken Koons/Carroll County Times)

Oakdale’s Kyle Lund came in first in 16:55.8, but Liberty’s boys captured the large school team victory with 35 points. Century was third behind Oakdale with 68.

Eight of the top 10 finishers were Carroll County athletes. Winters Mill’s Jack Frantz was fourth, followed by Liberty’s Woodrow Kashima, Charlie Ferguson from Westminster, Connor Stewart from Liberty, Liberty’s Jake Beaumier, and Brandon Bitz from Winters Mill in ninth.

Five South Carroll athletes finished in the top 10 for small schools. The Cavaliers, paced by Jason Cave, took the team title with 23 points.


Saxon, the reigning Times Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year, said racing on Liberty’s home course was beneficial to the team’s success.

“I felt good,” Saxon said. “It was good to know when to push, when to kick back, when to stay with each other. We looked good today because we knew the course well and it was really good [to be] with the team and how we all stuck together.”

Carroll’s seven public high schools each had representation in the Crossfire and these teams will meet again in the county meet at McDaniel College on Oct. 24.

“There’s a lot of county teams here and having everyone do really well, it’s a really good experience to run against each other before counties,” Saxon said. “You get a good look at who’s who and what teams are what, because everyone is very good this year.”


1. Kyle Lund (Oakdale) 16:55.8; 2. Daniel Saxon (Liberty) 17:07.7; 3. Zachary Fenton (Century) 17:09.6; 4. Jack Frantz (Winters Mill) 17:31.3; 5. Woodrow Kashima (Liberty) 17:34.1; 6. Charlie Ferguson (Westminster) 17:40.6; 7. Connor Stewart (Liberty) 17:50.2; 8. Jake Beaumier (Liberty) 17:52.2; 9. Brandon Bitz (Winters Mill) 17:59.1; 10. Collin Shriner (Oakdale) 18:05.3


1. Liberty 35; 2. Oakdale 66; 3. Century 68; 4. Winters Mill 98; 5. Marriotts Ridge 122; 6. Westminster 149; 7. Damascus 214; 8. Manchester Valley 237.


1. Iggy Chalker (Williamsport) 17:50.6; 2. Jason Cave (South Carroll) 18:03.3; 3. John Kettula (South Carroll) 18:22.6; 4. Grayson Whitesell (Middletown) 18:31.8; 5. Benjamin Lausch (South Carroll); 18:35.1; 6. Brendan Cave (South Carroll) 18:40.5; 7. Aidan Hayes (South Carroll) 18:41.1; 8. AJ Miller (Williamsport) 18:51.4; 9. Aaryn Shah (Williamsport) 19:04; 10. Carlos Ramirez (Williamsport) 19:16.2.


1. South Carroll 23; 2. Williamsport 42; 3. Middletown 99; 4. Wakersville 102; 5. Brunswick 102; 6. Francis Scott Key 151.


1. Rubie Goffena (Manchester Valley) 20:12.2; 2. Alexis Whitehorn-Coriz (Damascus) 21:01.4; 3. Kathryn Hopkins (Winters Mill) 21:26.7; 4. Kallista Liu (Marriotts Ridge) 21:43.8; 5. Elise Greenwald (Century) 6. Erin McGrath (Westminster) 22:05.6; 7. Jenna Zietowski (Liberty) 22:24.5; 8. Dellaney Georgiana (Winters Mill) 22:36.2; 9. Chloe Sobchak (Century) 22:41.6; 10. Sammie Spargo (Liberty) 22:52.9.


1. Century 63; 2. Marriotts Ridge 78; 3. Westminster 79; 4. Winters Mill 84; 5. Damascus 101; 6. Liberty 134; 7. Manchester Valley 177.


1. Eleanor Stafford (Middletown) 21:34.4; 2. Campbell Caldwell (Middletown) 21:43.2; 3. Kate Walter (Stone Ridge) 22:03.2; 4. Kelsey Shekore (South Carroll) 22:09.5; 5. Megan Bertolette (Walkersville) 22:26.9; 6. Marin Bartman (Middletown) 22:59.5; 7. Rebekah Shullenbarger (Brunswick) 23:01.2; 8. Jena Rhodes (Brunswick) 23:09.4; 9. Elizabeth Willman (Brunswick) 23:13.5; 10. Megan Toner (Stone Ridge) 23:22.7.


1. Middletown 42; 2. Brunswick 50; 3. Stone Ridge Sacred Heart 74; 4. South Carroll 95; 5. Walkersville 126; 6. Francis Scott Key 144; 7. Williamsport 192.