Who wins Super Bowl LIV? Picks from football coaches, players, Times staff


Bob Blubaugh, editor

Chiefs, 42-21. Lamar Jackson may be the NFL’s MVP, but Patrick Mahomes will show everyone exactly who is the best quarterback on the planet.


Bird Brown, rec sports

49ers, 27-21. I’m rooting for Patrick and the boys, but I just think the 49ers defense and running game are too strong. After all a solid running game and defense wins championships, right?


Pat Stoetzer, sports editor

49ers, 31-24. A late defensive touchdown from Nick Bosa (scoop and score!) gives San Fran its sixth Super Bowl title.

Megan Woodward, sports reporter

Chiefs, 34-28. Jimmy G wins my heart, but I think the Chiefs have this one in the bag. Looking forward to a very competitive game this year!


Chris Bassler, Westminster

Chiefs, 35-21. Hard to bet against how well Patrick Mahomes is playing right now, but would love to see Andy Reid finally win the big one.

Todd Edmondson, Century

Chiefs, 31-24. It’s a toss-up game. Their QB is a special player and I’ll go with the “Honey Badger” as the difference maker on D.

Bernie Koontz, Manchester Valley

Chiefs, 27-24. I feel both quarterbacks will play well and lead their teams. As even as these teams are, I believe special teams will be the deciding factor.

Mike Kraus, South Carroll

49ers, 24-17. It will be a great Super Bowl, but defense and a running game are huge assets this time of the year, and San Fran has both.


Larry Luthe, Liberty

Chiefs, 38-21. Andy Reid finally gets his Super Bowl win! Patrick Mahomes wins MVP as the Chiefs win 38-21. Just my guess.

Matt Miller, Winters Mill

49ers, 27-24. The Chiefs are scary on offense, but equally scary is San Francisco’s offensive and defensive lines; they’re impressive.

Will Thompson, Francis Scott Key

Chiefs, 34-27. A game of back and forth, but red zone stops/turnovers will be the deciding factor. I am most likely wrong, but Andy Reid is due, so I’m riding with him.


Patrick Almony, Westminster

Chiefs, 38-30. I think Patrick Mahomes will be too electric for the 49ers’ defense to handle.

Matt Annulis, Westminster

Chiefs, 35-31. Pat Mahomes out-guns Jimmy G in a shootout-type game.

Cayden Beard, Winters Mill

Chiefs, 27-24. It’s going to be a good game, but I think it’ll come down to the last stretch and Mahomes will be the great quarterback he’s proved to be and lead them to a win.

Landon Bruce, Century

Chiefs, 35-31. It’ll be a close game for sure, but I’m taking the Chiefs over the 49ers. Patrick Mahomes, last year’s MVP, has proved countless times that he and his offense can put up points on top-ranked defenses.

McClain Butler, Liberty

Chiefs, 42-24. I think the Chiefs will win because Patrick Mahomes is unstoppable.

Nathaniel Costley, Manchester Valley

49ers, 35-28. The game will be back and forth but the 49ers’ defense will come through and stop them, allowing the Niners to go down on a game-winning drive.

Brandon Diehl, Century

49ers, 24-17. The 49ers have a lockdown defense that will possibly shut down Patrick Mahomes’ passing game.

Ben Flowers, Westminster

Chiefs, 38-28. Mahomes.

Kyle Hutchinson, Liberty

Chiefs, 31-27. Both teams match up well, but I think it comes down to better coaching and experience which KC has over SF.

Nate Kent, Liberty

Chiefs, 41-27. Mahomes can’t be stopped and leads the Chiefs to a dominating performance and a Super Bowl win.

Dylan O’Neill, South Carroll

Chiefs, 28-24. I don’t think the 49ers can stop the Chiefs’ high-powered offense.

Tre Price, Westminster

Chiefs, 34-31. Pat Mahomes cannot be stopped.

Peyton Scheufele, Liberty

Chiefs, 28-17. After last year, Mahomes knows what it takes and doesn’t want to fall short again, whereas the 49ers haven’t been in this position lately.

Erick Stranko, Westminster

Chiefs, 35-17. Mahomes is too good.

Ryan Stull, Francis Scott Key

Chiefs, 31-24. Kansas City will be losing early in the game and will come back to win.

Garrett Tucker, Francis Scott Key

Chiefs, 49-35. Patrick Mahomes will throw three touchdowns and win super bowl MVP.

Dylan Wardle, Century

49ers, 17-14. Defense wins championships and the 49ers’ D-line will be too much to handle.

Evan Warren, Westminster

Chiefs, 34-27. Expect big performances from the specialists in the favorable Miami climate.

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