Carroll Varsity Q&A Westminster field hockey player Lauren Jenne

How did you get into field hockey?

"My two older sisters played, so it was something I was pushed into at a young age. I played rec, then I started playing club and ultimately tried out for the high school team. I started playing in the field, but I was really interested in goalie, so that's why I started playing there. I took a few years off before high school, but I am definitely glad I tried out in high school."


What is your biggest accomplishment from high school field hockey?

"Just being part of a team that went to states last year even though we didn't win. It's just all about the experience. It was an awesome getting to play at Washington College [in the state finals] and be on a team that made it there."

Do your your plans for college include sports?

"I am definitely going to play field hockey whether it's for the school itself or club field hockey. I don't want to stop playing. I want it to be part of my life. And I plan on pursuing music in some way. It could be music education. I also want to minor in graphic arts or something like that."

What do you like do for fun when you are not playing field hockey?

"Music is my main thing. I am in a band. I play five instruments. I play guitar, bass, piano, drums, and ukulele. Most of my free time is dedicated to practicing, writing and getting together with different bands. Music is my favorite hobby. Theatre and acting is also important to me. "

What kind of training do you do to prepare for the season?

"My summer is dedicated to getting in shape for field hockey. I do three days a week of open fields at the high school. It's a lot of conditioning. I also run and go the gym on my own and do outside training with various goalie and college coaches.

You also play lacrosse, so what's your favorite sport?

Field hockey. Not only is it a really fun sport to play, but it has this specific vibe about it. Everyone is super close and family-oriented on the team. There's nothing like it. It's just a very fun sport."