This week’s Q&A is with Westminster’s Erik Stranko.

What was one of the most challenging things about adjusting to varsity play?

“[It was] mostly just getting the plays down and getting used to the speed of the game. It didn’t take too long and it was pretty easy coming to me. The team was really welcoming and it was easy to fit in, it was a good experience.”


What’s been the key to Westminster’s success this season?

“Mostly the line, they block really well for me and Jaden [Louis]. The pass game has been really good, the defense has been really tough, they always keep us in the game and special teams is doing really good. All facets of the game are just doing great.”

Who is the funniest teammate and why?

“I would probably say Chase Birdow, he’s really fun-loving. He messes around all the time, he’s always happy.”

What’s the vibe been like on the team as you guys prepare for playoffs?

“It’s more serious, definitely more serious. We have to prepare for better teams and their challenges. It’s going to be fun, I think we can do it.”

What’s your favorite television show and why?

“I’m not really sure. Can I just say sports networks and ESPN? I love sports, especially football.”