Carroll Varsity Q&A South Carroll’s Cody Parks.

What is your most memorable basketball moment?

“My biggest moment was winning against Fallston (Jan. 22). I had 23 points and we ended up going into overtime. I had eight points in overtime and we beat them by 12 points. It was a pretty cool game.”


How would you explain only averaging a few points a game last year to boosting it to 12 this season?

“My confidence has grown a lot and I worked out a lot over the summer.”

What area of your game did you work on in the offseason to help you this winter?

“My jump shot and my ability to shoot from all around. I really worked on my offensive game. I also do a lot of ball handling.”

What is your main strength as a player?

“I like to shoot jump shots and the 3. I would say that’s my biggest strength.”

How excited are you that your team has gone from 5-18 last year to a winning record this season?

“It’s nice because we only have one returning starter and a lot of our guys who are starting this year didn’t play last year. They have stepped up and that’s good for our team.”

Who is your favorite NBA player?

“Devin Booker [of the Phoenix Suns]. I like his all-around game. He has that shot. I like how young he is and how well developed he is for a young player.”

What do you do for fun when you are not playing basketball?

“I hang out with my friends, but most of the time when I hang out with them we just play basketball. I don’t do much outside of that.”

What are your plans after high school?

“I plan to go to college. I applied to Towson. I want to major in physical therapy.”