Winters Mill's Hunter Lowe

After placing fifth in the state last year, how eager are you to take that next step and win a state title?

“I am very excited to win a state title. I would like to at least place in the top three. I have been working harder in practice to get me up to the next level.”


What have you really worked on that is helping this year?

“I have tried improve my neutral game a lot. Last year, I wasn’t very good on my feet. This year, I am trying to get more takedowns.”

Do you drink diet soda to help you as a wrestler?

“When I drink Diet Coke, my body knows it’s wrestling time. The caffeine will wake you up. It’s kind of like a trigger.”

Do you want to wrestle in college? What do you plan on majoring in?

“Probably mechanical engineering. I want to wrestle in college. There are a few schools I am looking at: York, Wilkes, Shippensburg, Millersville.”

Did you play other sports at Winters Mill?

“I played football for a long time. I decided not to do that my senior year to get a little extra time for wrestling. I also do track. It helps me get stronger. I do the shot put.”

How did you get into blacksmithing as a hobby?

“I liked medieval weaponry and armor. When I was old enough to work with things around really, really hot fire, I signed up for blacksmithing. My goal is to make swords and knives.”

How much are you into video games?

“I do play a lot of video games. I like the big Open World games. Skyrim and Fallout are my favorites. I don’t have a lot of homework this semester. I will spend almost an hour or two hours [a day] on video games.”