This week’s Q&A is with Westminster senior outfielder Nick Henneman.

How would you characterize the season your team has had so far?

"For sure we've had our ups and downs, but I think that we're able to come together as a team no matter what and always prevail through everything that we've come though, and any challenge we're able to get over, by just coming together and talking it out."


What has been the team's strength to this point?

"We've had a lot of injuries go with our team, and I think for people to step up off the bench, not expecting to play, and people coming into big roles and stepping in to take that accountability and be able to fill in right with the starters, I think it's been great for us."

Which one of your teammates would least like to face if you were pitching?

"I would say Billy [Scanlon], because you never know what you're going to get with Billy. I've been with Billy since my freshman year and he's always working hard. He'll fight you off — he'll have 10-pitch at-bats, or he'll swing at the first pitch. … He can always go yard on you."

Will Manny Machado still be with the Orioles by the end of this season?

"I don't think so."

As a Capitals fan, is there any hope of them getting past Pittsburgh and making it to the conference finals?

"I think this may be the year. I say that every year. Being a Caps fan, [we] always get let down, but I think this year they might able to stick it out and make it all the way."