This week’s Q&A is with Winters Mill junior infielder Megan Harman.

How many years have you been playing softball and how did you get started?

"I've been playing softball since I was 10, so about seven years. I started playing because my sister, she's 23 now, but she used to play softball and I wanted to be like her so I started playing because of her. I started out with fast-pitch and started going up from there and I really love it. It's my favorite sport."


What's your favorite thing about playing in the infield?

"My favorite thing about the infield is the balls come and they come really hard at you, different than the outfield because the outfield's more slow, but they have to sprint to the ball. I'm not the fastest runner, but when the balls come fast you have to jerk react to it and it's just a fast-moving game. People might think it's slow but it's a fast-moving game, fast-paced, and you just have to be mentally strong."

What game sticks out as our of your favorites this season and why?

"I think one of my favorite games was the Century game. Even though we did lose in the end it did get into extra innings, but I really liked that game because it was high intensity and everyone was on the fence.They had scored a couple, we'd score a couple and it was just a back and forth, tough game."

What is your favorite thing about playing for Winters Mill and what makes this team so special?

"A really big thing for us is we're honestly so close, all the players and the coaches and everything are really close. We're like a family and we're always hanging out, we're friends. If you see somebody in the hallway and they're there, they'll shoot you a "Hi" or something. If you're sitting alone at a lunch table, we'll come over and we're just really close, we're not going to let anyone go."

What is your dream career if money didn't matter?

"Right now, I want to be an accountant and money factors into that. That's a tough question, I've always wanted to be in the medical field, but that's a lot of schooling and money factors into that too. That'd be pretty cool."