Carroll Varsity Q&A with South Carroll track athlete Lee Goodson

What about the 800-meter run interests you the most?

“I like it because it’s not as long as the 1,600, and it’s not like a sprint in the 400. It’s right in the middle.”


Are there certain things you have to work on to be good at the 800?

“I just like try to hold the pace that I have, and then just burst at the end with all I have.”

Are you always striving to post a sub 2-minute time when you compete in that event?

“Yes. It’s definitely on my mind. In practice, I’m usually super slow, and then when it comes to the meets I’m there.”

What do you find yourself doing during the down time at a track meet?

“I usually just talk it up with some friends. Just get my mind off of things.”

What are the team goals with two weekends remaining in the season?

“We want to accomplish a lot of PRs, just running our race.”