Francis Scott Key’s Fru Bayelle talks about his goals for 2018, the upcoming championship season and more.

What are some of your personal goals for 2018?

“For 2018 that would be, I think I would love winning states. I think winning states would be one of my top goals right there.”


What are you most looking forward to with championship season right around the corner?

“Just being with my team most of all, loving the area and everything, doing what I have to do to secure the win.”

What is your favorite event to compete in and why?

“Definitely triple jump, triple jump is my event and I love it.”

What do you enjoy the most about the Francis Scott Key track team?

“They’re just really loving, everyone supports each other and it’s a good team to be around. Everybody vibes up each other, it’s a good area.”

What show are you currently addicted to and why?

“I love ‘Rick and Morty,’ they’re just funny. That show’s hilarious.”