They call themselves 2 Left Feet. But since they have been the reigning over-40 co-ed soccer champions at the Carroll Indoor Sports Center since last fall, perhaps they should change their team name.

How about 2 Deft Feet?


The squad, whose players come mostly from the North Carroll area of the county, has finished first three times in three 2017-2018 leagues and has taken two postseason championships. The 2 Left Feet team has been around about 10 years, manager Chris Briley said

He makes it clear from what it's done that that his team's recent successes have not been a fluke.

"We're usually in the top one or two teams just about every season," he said.

Most of the men coach in North Carroll's youth travel soccer program. Briley in fact, coaches a North Carroll boys team that's playing indoor soccer in Pennsylvania right now.

The team members have all played a lot of soccer in their time, beginning with youth leagues and continuing through high school. Three of them have played college soccer; one of those played in the Division I University of Maryland program.

While the men are all over 40, the women can be as young as 18. However, some of them have the same level of experience as the men, that being rec or high school soccer. One of the team's women also played in college.

Briley thinks the players' relatively high level of soccer experience is one reason for his team's success over the years. Another is the fact that the team has kept its core relatively intact for quite a while, and the players work effectively as a unit.

The manager says the women have also been a big reason for his team's winning.

"You have to have two girls on the field all the time, but many times we play with three because our women are as good or better than the men," he said. "We have girls who know how to play the game, and they also score quite a bit."

Its big rival this season has been Mexico FC which was in the Over 40 coed league with 2 Left Feet in all three sessions. Briley says it is a good team, and it plays a tough, physical brand of soccer. Mexico FC beats just about everybody it plays. But not 2 Left Feet.

Mexico FC has left a long trail of frustration in its dealings with Briley's squad. It's placed second in all three sessions over this past fall and winter.

In the fall, it dropped the championship game to 2 Left Feet.

In Winter Session I, 2 Left Feet beat Mexico FC 5-3 in their regular-season match. It finished first in the regular season at 8-0, and Mexico FC was second at 7-1. The league's teams then played a brief, three-game postseason tournament. Briley's team won the first two games 2-0 and 5-1. It then tied Mexico 1-1 but was awarded the postseason title because it had a higher goal differential in the playoff games.

In Winter Session 2, which began Jan. 31, both teams tied for first with 6-0-1 marks. When they met on Feb. 8, they played to a 4-4 tie.


But in March's championship game, 2 Left feet prevailed again, this time by a 2-1 score. Briley says that when the two top teams met, even when they normally scored lots of goals, defense usually prevailed. First of all, players were more likely to concentrate on getting back on defense quickly instead of pressing the opponent's net and risking a breakaway goal.

"We also knew the players we want to mark, and we put our best defenders on them to take them out of the play," he said. And against Mexico FC, it worked.

Briley said his team will be back this coming fall to defend its multiple over-40 coed championships.

Because the core has stayed pretty much together over the years, Mexico FC or anyone else challenging 2 Left Feet next year will likely have its hands, or feet, full.