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Rec Brief: Carroll Gymnastics begins 2019 season with success

From left, Carroll Gymnastics Level 4 gymnasts Layla Kaplan, Emma Stapleton, and Hannah Spurgeon.

The Carroll Gymnastics competitive teams opened their 2019 season with a strong showing at the Anti-Bullying Meet on Jan. 13-14.

Fifteen gyms from around the region competed at the annual meet held at the Ag Center in Westminster.


Brooke Shaffer led the Level 3 team with a third-place finish in the all-around (35.100). She finished second on floor (8.750), third on beam (8.700), fifth on bars (8.950) and sixth on vault (8.700).

Katy Resh placed fifth in the all-around (34.625), including second place on floor (8.750), and third on vault (9.125).


Maya Slominski placed third on beam (8.700) and was fourth on vault (9.050).

Phoebe Lander finished 10th in the all-around (34.400), placing sixth on beam (8.650) and eighth on bars (8.800). Brooklyn Tyler placed fifth on beam with an 8.65 and Madison Simmen placed eighth on floor (8.850).

The Level 3 team is coached by Kate Gardner, Hunter Broman and Irina Koroleva.

The Level 4 team, coached by Haley Zincon, Jess Barnes and Lynzie Ritz, took the top three spots in the all-around competition.

Emma Stapleton won the all-around title with a score of 36.100. She placed first on bars (9.100), second on beam (9.300) and second on floor exercise (8.900) and fifth on vault (8.800).

Hannah Spurgeon was second in the all-around, with a score of 35.175, finishing third on vault (9.000) and beam (9.150), and fourth on bars (8.500) and floor (8.525).

Layla Kaplan earned third place in the all-around with a 34.600, with third-place finishes on vault (9.100), bars (8.600) and beam (8.750).

Natalie Wang placed second on vault (9.30), fifth on bars (7.800) and fifth in the all-around (33.225).


Mackenzie Buckingham was fourth on beam (9.400), and Mele James was fifth on beam (9.200) and eighth in the all-around (33.650).

Annabelle Lam, placed fifth on beam (9.250), fifth on vault (8.85), and ninth on floor (8.000), finishing sixth in the all-around (33.200).

Ella Fritz, placed sixth on vault (8.800), seventh on floor (8.100) and eighth all-around (33.200).

Leah Golden, finished eighth on bars (8.200) and ninth all-around (32.900); Colleen Blubaugh, 10th (31.00); Nora Jothen, 10th (32.500).

All the level 6 Carroll gymnasts, coached by Kelsey Stewart, placed in the top 10 in the all-around competition.

Cecilia Sifuentes finished sixth place in the all-around (35.000), winning the vault event with a 9.050 and placing fourth on floor (9.450).


Olivia Kennedy finished fourth overall (35.000), placing fourth on beam (9.200) and fifth on floor (9.050). Brooke Rill finished seventh in the all-around (33.200), placing was fifth on vault (8.550) and fourth on bars (8.000).

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Gianna Mollar finished eighth (33.775), placing fourth on vault (8.850). Emery Gesell finished ninth (33.700), placing second on floor (9.200) and seventh on vault (8.850).

Finishing 10th in the all-around competition in their respective age divisions, Mary-Beth Vento (33.600) and Hailey Gesell (31.050).

Competing for Level 7, Rheda Funk finished 10th in the all-around (32.900), placing sixth on beam (8.700). Sammie Wood placed fifth on beam (8.650) and finished ninth in the all-around (33.600).

Tara Martindale was seventh in the all-around with a 34.300 and Abby Wimmer scored a 9.100 on vault for sixth place.

Level 8 gymnast Kyra Martindale finished first place on bars (9.300) and beam (9.150), third on floor (8.800), to finish second in the all-around with a 35.250.


Hannah Shipton placed second on beam (9.100) and floor (9.000) to finish fourth (33.900) in the all-around. Tara Hornung was eighth in the all-around with a 32.725.

The Level 7/8 team is coached by Wendy Bloom, Vladimir Korolev, and John Perna.