Easter can be filled with gifts for the sports nut

What is the Easter Bunny’s favorite sport?

Basket-ball, of course!


Once again, I woke up this morning, put on my rabbit slippers, and raced my sons around the house looking for what the Easter Bunny had left behind. (This stuff never gets old when there’s candy waiting for you.)

After I tore through my piles of Reese’s cups, Peppermint Patties, and stale Peeps, I found a few eggs with gifts that were left behind to let me know this was the basket the Easter Bunny had left specifically for me.

The first egg that I cracked open was shiny and bright and its contents were just as spectacular. That egg showed a sports world void of any politics.

No boycotts, no kneeling, fist pumps, or overpaid athletes forcing their opinion on their fans and other spectators. No conflicts of interest between your personal feelings and your contractual requirements.

Just play the game and let the rest of us enjoy the incredible athletic skill and performance and you enjoy the tremendous salary and benefits you get by being able to showcase your craft in the greatest country in the world.

This may have to be more of a Mother’s Day present (because it’s truly been a “mother” to complete), but the next egg I opened was my new diploma for my Masters in collegiate athletic administration.

I shouldn’t take things for granted, but I’m in my last five weeks of the program that has taken every free minute of my existence (like I had a whole lot before I started) since I started it and my graduation is scheduled for Mother’s Day weekend. This is my second masters, not bad for a student who was kicked off the lacrosse team as a junior in high school and out of college after his stellar 0.00 GPA in his freshman year.

The annual red, white, and blue egg that I crack open has in the past been for the success of the U.S. men’s national soccer team, but after this past year’s disappointing performance (or lack thereof) by our boys in red, white, and blue, and their absence from the greatest sporting event in the world this summer as the World Cup takes place in Russia, it seems like this may be the rotten egg in the bunch.

Maybe this year’s colors are to show us of the greatness that is yet to come, with young Christian Pulisic leading a group of hungry, driven men’s soccer team to the Promised Land as we prepare for the next stage of qualifiers for 2022. Kind of like Making America Great Again. #MUSMNSTGA.

I have always looked forward to my favorite egg — the Green Egg (sorry, no ham) and this year was just a little different.

Before, I wrote, “In the spirit of Earth Day, the egg held a picture of a sports facility void of trash and vandalism. The players, parents and coaches that had just completed their day’s events had taken a few extra minutes to comb the field and surrounding facility and picked up all remnants of sport drink bottles and athletic tape that were strewn all over the field.”

But this year’s green egg has a little darker green tone, probably from the green that comes from being jealous of all of the other surrounding counties now looking to place a second wave of turf fields at their high schools and recreation facilities.

Here we sit, a week in to spring and a month in to the spring sports season, and the only games that we’ve been able to get in are ones that we can do on the road with schools that have turf fields and the prospects of sketchy weather over the next couple of weeks are only going to make things worse. There are even schools from other counties that are now taking us off their schedules because we can’t offer turf options.

A turf field or four, placed strategically around the county, will allow Carroll County to compete with its neighboring counties for the quality of facilities we offer to our student-athletes and recreation programs.


I think the purple/black and orange/black eggs may have been sitting in the basket too long next to each other. This offseason for the Ravens is reminiscent of every offseason with the Orioles since Peter Angelos took over the team. At the end of the prior season, the front office talks a big game about the “splash” they’re going to make in the off-season but ends up looking more like Rodney Dangerfield’s Triple Lindy in “Back to School” than any sort of major splash in the free-agent pool.

American Journalist Janine di Giovanni recently wrote, “Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.”

With the baseball season upon us, the NFL Draft still in front of us, and a new administration on its way, maybe there is still hope for us yet.