Diane Hale, owner of Galloping Goose, poses with a bottle of the vineyard's new Flirting Heard Cabernet.
Diane Hale, owner of Galloping Goose, poses with a bottle of the vineyard's new Flirting Heard Cabernet. (Staff photo by Brian Krista)

During the 1970s, Diane Hale would enter Flirting Heart, her thoroughbred racehorse, in races on tracks such as Laurel, Pimlico, and Penn National.

Now, Flirting Heart is Hale's newest wine offering from the Galloping Goose Vineyards.


"She was big, bold, and beautiful," Hale said, reminiscing about her old racehorse. "Like this wine, better with age and bold to start."

Previously, Galloping Goose had released three new wines once each year.

But this year, Hale will release Flirting Heart, for Valentine's Day, followed by another new wine, the Rose of Cabernet, around Mother's Day, and a set of three wines later in the spring.

Flirting Heart, a cabernet sauvignon, is described as "smooth and rich as velvet with black cherry and plum overtones," in an announcement from the winery about its release.

Hale, who aged the wine in American and French oak barrels, said she was "very happy" with the way it turned out.

"It didn't get anything but better," she said, referring to monthly tastings over the past two-and-a-half years.

To celebrate the new wine, Galloping Goose will host a post Valentine's Day reception on its Hampstead site featuring live music, hors d'oeuvres, and local and international chocolates Feb. 15.

All wines, not just Flirting Heart, will be available to be tasted at the reception.

Bottles will also be available for purchase.

Galloping Goose has 121 cases, 1,452 bottles, of Flirting Heart.

For a small winery, that is about a normal production when introducing a new wine, Hale said.

The 35-acre vineyard in Hampstead sits about three-quarters of a mile off Maple Grove Road, which in the winter offers visitors a "laid back, romantic atmosphere," Hale said.

The vineyard is known for is cabernet sauvignon grapes because the topography, with its rolling hills and shale soil, is perfectly suited for it.

Galloping Goose was founded by Hale and her husband Ed, and officially opened in June of 2010.


The winery is part of a family-owned and -operated vineyard.

Hale and her husband started the vineyard in the mid 1990s and began hosting private parties in 2003, but Galloping Goose didn't officially open until 2010 due to permitting issues.

Ed Hale, who was no relation to the owner of the Baltimore Blast indoor soccer team and former CEO of First Mariner Bank, died several years ago.

Flirting Heart and all Galloping Goose wines are available for purchase at the vineyard during events or by appointment. Contact the vineyard at 410-374-6596 or gallopinggoosevineyards@gmail.com.

Galloping Goose wines are also served at the Manor Tavern in Monkton and Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore.

Reservations are not required for the Flirting Heart reception. Admission is $10 per person.

For information on Galloping Goose, go to http://www.gallopinggoosevineyards.com.