Owings Mills man arrested 24 years after murder conviction

An Owings Mills man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly impersonated a federal agent. The charge comes nearly 24 years after the man pleaded guilty to a count of second-degree murder.

Daniel Justin Leonard, 47, was charged with a count of stalking and a count of impersonating a police officer. He was initially held without bail, but was released on an unsecured bond of $5,000 after a bail review Wednesday before Judge Brian Green.

In deciding his bail, Green said he took into account what he heard from the defense and prosecution, as well as Leonard's family support. Multiple family members were present during the bail review.

Green ordered Leonard to be placed on pretrial supervision and to stay away from the residence he allegedly stalked.

A Carroll County Sheriff's Office deputy spoke with a Baltimore County Police Department narcotics detective, who said that he was at his Hampstead residence when he was approached by Leonard, according to a statement of charges.

The detective said Leonard asked if the detective lived at the residence, if he was rich and if Leonard could hunt on the wooded property behind the house, adding that he preferred to hunt with a bow for deer and with a shotgun for squirrel, according to the statement.

According to the statement, the detective told the deputy that Leonard said he was a federal agent with jurisdiction over the local and state police. Leonard said he had a vest with "Feds" on it, and a belt with a gun and radio. Leonard showed the detective his wallet with a silver badge in it, according to the statement.

Leonard told the detective that he goes to the Hampstead address often, but the detective told the deputy he has never seen Leonard in the eight years he has lived there. When the detective left for work, he saw Leonard parked on his street, and when he passed, Leonard ducked down in the vehicle, according to the statement.

The detective told the deputy that it appeared that Leonard was following him, and fearing for his safety, he attempted to and successfully eluded Leonard, according to the statement.

Leonard pleaded guilty in 1994 to a second-degree murder charge in the 1993 death of Gregory Lamant Howard, 22, according to previous Times reporting.

In January 1993, Leonard, along with Timothy Cumberland and Samuel Allen Miller, killed Howard after they were sold fake crack cocaine. Howard was not involved in the drug deal.

The three friends were angry about the bad drug deal and returned to the area. Cumberland threatened to use a shotgun as a club, but then passed it to Miller who shot Howard when he approached the car.

Leonard was sentenced to 10 years for second-degree murder as part of the plea agreement with the state after agreeing to cooperate and testify against Cumberland and Miller, according to previous Times reporting. Other charges, including first-degree murder and battery, were abandoned by the state, according to electronic court records.

A phone number was not listed for Leonard. He is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 29.




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