Dems, GOP both pushing weakest candidate

Who will be the next president? Heaven only knows. Both parties seem bent on pushing forward their weakest candidate. There are two Democratic candidates and at the moment three active Republican candidates.

Currently on the Democratic side Hillary Clinton has a lead in elected delegates and a huge lead in so-called super delegates. But Bernie Sanders is closing the gap in elected delegates. He is also closing the gap in popularity among likely voters, although Clinton still leads. The most likely scenario is that Sanders wins narrowly on elected delegates but Clinton wins the nomination overall when super delegates are added in.


But wait, there is more. With two Democratic candidates and three active Republican candidates there are six possible face-offs in the general election. Based on current polling The only face-off that favors a Republican candidate is John Kasich versus Hillary Clinton.

Some of Trump's positions are to the left of the Democrats, such as his promise of universal health care. Others violate both our constitution and our cherished national freedoms, such as his proposal to ban all Muslim immigrants. Some, like his proposal to build a fence along our southern border and get the Mexican government to pay for are just plain silly.

His principal rival, Senator Ted Cruz, has the reputation of being the senator most disliked by his colleges in the Senate. Some of his positions, like privatizing Social Security, render him unelectable.

The latest bad action on the Republican side involves an image of the wife of Donald Trump now being circulated on the Internet. The picture, taken from a magazine cover, has a black circle added that implies that the model is bare on half her chest. But in the original photo she is properly clothed.

The Cruz campaign denied authorship of this vulgar attack, claiming it was the product of an independent political action committee (PAC).

Trump has threatened an (unspecified) retaliation against the wife of Cruz. But Trump probably lies as usual.

We need a Supreme Court that can find a way to reverse the recent "Citizens United" decision that permits these uncontrolled and often pernicious PACs.

That requires that President Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court be examined and hopefully confirmed. President Clinton or President Sanders may come up with a more leftist choice instead of the centrist nominated by President Obama.

If Republican antics continue we may see a Democratic majority in one and perhaps both houses of Congress, swept in on the coattails of the Democratic president-elect.

The Republicans have a path to victory, and his name is Ohio Gov. John Kasich. True to form the national leaders of the Republican Party are ignoring him and instead are attempting to force a choice between two unelectable candidates, Trump and Cruz. Vice, like virtue, is sometimes its own reward. Maryland Republicans can help give their party a fighting chance by voting for Kasich, the only electable candidate on their primary ballot.

John Culleton writes from Eldersburg. His column appears every second Tuesday. Email him at