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Positive stories permeate news

I'm not a big fan of local television news, but I'll check it out occasionally, especially if there's tricky weather in the air. On Tuesday I tuned in for that purpose, and as one might expect, there was a steady stream of stories about stabbings, shootings, robberies and car collisions.

"If it bleeds it leads" is probably the oldest expression in news. In that context, the three-part series of stories from the front pages of the Carroll County Times on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday brought all of us some rather refreshing good news.


Recently three significant businesses have chosen to relocate to our county. Sunday's story featured the planned move of Fuchs North America, a seasoning firm, that is in the process of building new facilities in a business park in Hampstead.

This business and the others will help increase our tax base and offer quality job opportunities.


Monday's feature focused on Advanced Biotechnologies Inc. and its agreeing to occupy the building that formerly housed Friendship School in Eldersburg.

Friendship School's closing was a loss to our community in general, but it was particularly hard on families with students who struggled with dyslexia.

Repurposing that space for a biotech firm has great potential to benefit our community. I can imagine Century High and Liberty High faculty members beating down the doors seeking internship opportunities for our high-performing students interested in this dynamic and growing industry.

Tuesday's story highlighted another excellent example of repurposing: Carlisle Etcetera LLC, which took over the former Marada Industries metal-stamping plant near the Carroll County Regional Airport. The new business uses the space as a distribution center for women's clothes and accessories.

I heartily congratulate all county commissioners and the county staff devoted to economic development. Carroll County has some competitive advantages relative to some neighboring counties, such as comparatively more affordable rent and a strong school system.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan received a little good news recently. As reported in The Baltimore Sun, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will be the headline speaker for Hogan's campaign fundraiser to be held later this month in Bethesda.

The Sun report noted that Christie will be the "first national GOP figure to show the flag for Hogan." One would assume Christie would not want to lend a hand unless Hogan had at least a fighting chance.

The Sun story mentioned a recent Republican Party poll showing that Hogan was within 3 percentage points of the Democratic candidate for governor, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown.


Longtime political reporter Len Lazarick posted an in-depth story on this same poll on Aug. 22 at The poll, released by the Republican Party, indicated 45 percent voter support for Brown, with Hogan at 42 percent and 9 percent undecided.

Lazarick's story included elements of the poll's internals. The poll indicated that 31 percent of respondents thought our state was moving in the right direction. By contrast, 54 percent thought Maryland was headed down the wrong track.

Because Brown has been serving as lieutenant governor for the past two terms, he's a virtual incumbent. Assuming this right direction/wrong track poll holds validity; I cannot imagine Brown supporters would consider those poll results to be welcome news.

Wednesday featured yet another good news story on the front page of the Carroll County Times. Local farmers have enrolled more than 34,000 acres of land in the state's Cover Crop Program.

This program pays farmers to plant crops that will absorb excess nutrients. Excess nutrients can harm the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Cover crops can also limit soil erosion from wind and rain.

There will no doubt be plenty of bad news stories worthy of comment next week. It is nice to focus on some more encouraging stories, if only for a week.


Michael Zimmer writes from Eldersburg. His column appears on Fridays. Email him at