Carroll County Times Opinion

Liberal rants won't sway conservatives [Letter]

You know what's really annoying? Nearly every day, the opinion section features some liberal bashing Republicans and everything they do. Considering Carroll County's large conservative base, that is really a slap in the face. But then, that's what liberals do.

Liberals like to slap, incite, name-call and instigate chaos. A perfect example is the anti-gay rhetoric in Indiana. How easily they disregard opposing religious rights. Another matter is Michael Brown's "hands up, don't shoot." Factually, that did not happen, but look at the instigated results, with no effort toward rebuke. Then, there's Hobby Lobby's refusal to insure the four birth control methods that actually cause fetal death. Liberals went nuts, inciting women to fight, for "legal murder" (the other 18 methods of birth control were deemed insufficient). Religious freedoms again ignored.


Opinion writers should be focusing on this anti-American President and his corrupt administration, including Hillary (erase the emails so I don't get caught) Clinton. She destroyed evidence, breaking the law, but, like lying Lois Lerner who did the same, will no doubt be exonerated. Harry Reid lied about Mitt Romney's tax evasion using the protection of the Senate from repercussions. Is this really the type of government we want representing our country, our citizens; liars, cheats, and thieves like in other countries, with their human rights abuses?

President Barack Obama has divided the races, sexes, rich and poor, and he has blatantly lied to the American people repeatedly, dishonoring the office of the presidency. His policies cheat legal Americans every day. He misuses our tax dollars to fund what the majority of us do not want, while illegals get free everything at our expense. And now Iran will be enabled to go nuclear.


Opinion writers avoid commentary on the systematic elimination of our securities and protections, most notably, our armed forces. Top commanders, knowledgeable and experienced purged from its ranks, as well as those most battle-tested leaders in the field. Border patrol agents reduced to social workers, police working with targets on their backs, while being constantly scrutinized and Second Amendment rights always in danger. We will be left helpless and unprotected.

Liberal rants won't change our conservative minds, they will enhance them; and we will not forget the Democratic Party that has paved the way for this corrupt administration.

I appeal to all, complain to your senators and congressmen often, demand accountability, demand Integrity.

Diane Stuller

New Windsor