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Republicans energized in governor's race [Letter]

I believe that as we approach Election Day, our state finds itself at a crossroads.

We could take the Brown-Ulman led path to the left, which will be similar to what we've seen out of O'Malley-Brown over the last eight years (40 tax increases, over 40 fee increases, increased government spending and a mass exodus of businesses and taxpayers from the state), or we can take a different path for a change, a change offered by Larry Hogan wherein we will see tax relief, spending cuts and an emphasis on restoring the economic competitiveness of Maryland.


The polls are extremely close. This is confirmed by the fact that Anthony Brown has run one negative ad after another since Labor Day. The outcome of this election in which so much hangs in the balance all comes down to who gets their supporters to the polls. In other words, who is the most motivated? After watching what Martin O'Malley and Brown have done to this great state over the last eight years, how could Hogan supporters not be energized?

Furthermore, if you know someone who has moved out of state, or if you are one of the 47 percent of Marylanders who told the pollsters they would move out of state if you could, how can you not be energized? Frankly, if you are concerned that Brown has been given two jobs under Martin O'Malley -- economic development and the health care exchange -- and failed miserably at both, then how can you not be energized?


In less than two weeks, we need an energized electorate in Carroll County to send a message to Annapolis that we are tired of business as usual down there. I would urge you to vote, encourage your friends and family to vote and prod your neighbors and co-workers to vote. And, by the way, I would certainly ask for your vote to represent Carroll County in the House of Delegates so that I can work with Hogan to restore sanity to the way Maryland does business.

Haven N. Shoemaker, Jr.


The writer is a candidate for state delegate representing District 5.