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Partnerships can help solve problems [Letter]

Government is at a tipping point. Solutions are going to require more than just throwing money at them. Solving current and future challenges will require collaboration between government, private business, nonprofits, and individuals.

I believe we can come up with creative and innovative solutions that don't require additional taxes or fees. This will require teamwork and the willingness to negotiate.


In the same respect, Carroll County is at a crossroads. Sending a delegation to Annapolis that is uniform in thought simply does not work. The result is that Carroll has been ignored for decades.

It is time for Carroll County to regain respect and results. The last time Carroll got anything of substance was when Richard Dixon — a Democrat -- was a delegate. He sponsored many bills that benefitted Carroll, such as a new emergency room and hospital expansion, a new YMCA building and several new buildings for McDaniel College.


As a former teacher, I understand the challenges of managing a classroom. Education funding is a priority for me. A strong public education system is good for our community and for society. As a former accounting manager, I understand the challenges of managing a budget. I believe we can successfully balance our economic concerns and job growth with protecting our environment. Small business support is of particular importance to me, as they are the backbone of every community.

I've traveled to every corner of the county, visiting numerous small businesses and communities. As a result, I've earned the support of Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike. I'm very proud of this because it reflects my philosophy of how I will work in Annapolis. Every opinion should be valued; every voice should be heard.

We need a strong independent and common-sense voice that will do the right thing for Carroll citizens. We need a delegate who is not interested in political intrigue or advancing a political career. I will work for the benefit of our citizens, not my own political or personal agenda.

It is time for partnership, not partisanship. The only way to solve our problems is to work together. In fact, let's make Carroll County a model. Let's elect a bipartisan delegation and show Annapolis that it is not just possible, but imperative, that both parties work together. To that end, I ask that you please vote for me on Nov. 4.

Dorothy G. Scanlan


The writer is a candidate for state House of Delegates representing District 5.