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Candidate highlights campaign specifics [Letter]

One constantly hears what the other delegate candidates oppose, but what is it that they support? And I'm not referring to meaningless generalities — but what specifically?

Here's an example: "I oppose Common Core." What does that mean, exactly? On the flip side, it is also disingenuous to say "I support local control of our schools" because we already have local control over curriculum and other policies. So, I am going to list a few issues I support, with a specific proposal.


I support public education — the greatest gift we give to society. Specifically, I support returning to the original Thornton funding formula. The original funding provided for additional teachers to be in reading classes, for example, so that struggling readers could have the benefit of extra professional instruction.

I support family-owned businesses, the backbone of our communities. I have visited dozens of small businesses and have the greatest respect for those who choose to pour their heart and soul into their own business. Specifically, I will work to protect independent liquor stores and oppose any legislation that allows Wal-Mart and other big chains to sell alcohol.


I support ensuring our seniors can afford to stay in Maryland. Specifically, I will work to eliminate the tax on pensions.

I support environmental stewardship. We all want clean water, clean air and to preserve what is left of the natural world. We just have different ideas on how to get there. We need policies that are collaborative, not antagonistic. Unfortunately, the so-called "rain tax" (the stormwater remediation fee) is an example of a policy that is antagonistic. Instead of instituting a fee, the challenge of meeting the EPA's mandate should be a collaborative effort between government, nonprofits, businesses and individuals.

I recently came across an article that said Carroll County has gotten nothing from Annapolis since Richard Dixon served as a delegate. He was effective because he knew how to reach across the aisle.

Saying no to everything without offering concrete alternatives is failing to do your job. Blaming others and making excuses for your lack of accomplishment is failing Carroll citizens. Taking credit for something you didn't do is just plain wrong.

I will take up the banner that Dixon carried to work closely with Carroll's other delegates and reach across the aisle. Everyone's ideas deserve to be heard. Carroll deserves to be respected again.

Dorothy Scanlan


The writer is a Democratic candidate for House of Delegates representing District 5.