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Ready to work for all Carroll citizens [Letter]

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me in June's primary. I am grateful for your support, and I am excited to see how many people in Carroll County truly care about the future of our home.

The results of the primary demonstrate the overwhelming desire for a more moderate, common-sense approach to local government.


The belief that reasonable voices can prevail is precisely why I am running for House of Delegates. For too long I have watched from the sidelines as the ideology of our delegation takes precedence over doing the right thing. As I talk with voters, I hear the same message. People want positive results that will benefit their lives and their communities.

When I look at the voting records of our current delegation, I see little regard for producing results that benefit our county. What I see is a series of votes based on the ability to score points as a "true conservative."


As your delegate, I pledge to work for Carroll County with our own delegation and with the Democratic majority. It is well known both here and in Annapolis that our current delegation's dysfunction prevents it from accomplishing even the simplest goals, such as legislation allowing our non-profits to have gaming nights.

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I have many ideas that will benefit Carroll and the entire state. For example, I will propose legislation to eliminate two taxes that negatively impact Marylanders. Pensions should not be taxed – period. Seniors worked hard for years to earn these pensions and now live on fixed incomes.

The other tax I will propose eliminating is the business personal property tax. Small businesses in Carroll have to pay taxes on the equipment they use for their enterprise, yet those in Frederick County do not. Taxing this equipment is an undue burden on businesses which stifles growth. Encouraging entrepreneurship and small business is the key to growth on the local and state levels.

A true passion of mine is quality education. I will not let partisan politics prevent Carroll from receiving its fair share of state funding. Furthermore, I will work to ensure that Maryland is receiving every penny it should from casino profits — which were meant to go to education.

I cannot accomplish these goals without your support. Together we can bring respect back to Carroll County from Annapolis.

Dorothy Scanlan


The writer is a candidate for House of Delegates representing District 5.